SEO Essentials for 2013 or Googladaption – The Art of Googladapting

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As billions of search queries take place every month, with new information exchanged by the second, successful ecommerce SEO strategy involving search engines and online marketing is rapidly changing all the time. With each update to search engine algorithms, page rankings are affected and businesses must learn to adapt to avoid being penalized or downgraded. To do this, businesses now engage in what is called Googladapting by focusing on gaining natural links for off site SEO using anchor text backlinks.


The Don’ts of Googladapting

When Google introduced their algorithm updates Panda and Penguin, sites began to be penalized for a variety of reasons. Panda was created to enforce the quality of content ranked in Google’s search engine, lowering the rankings of low quality sites that may have thin content or contain links suspected of spam. Google regards these sites as having little to low value to users. Google Penguin penalizes sites violating Google’s guidelines and those engaging in link spamming. Googladapting for ecommerce SEO strategy depends on online marketing best practices that merge what is social with link building.

The Do’s of Googladapting

While onsite SEO depends on the quality of content and optimizing your site’s code (such as meta data and page titles), off site SEO involves backlinks and social media marketing. The main goal of Googladapting is increasing the authority of your site through natural links while increasing the visibility of your site–all while avoiding the wrath of Google Panda and Penguin.

And the result? If you manage to do all of this, you have a good chance of keeping and even increasing your site’s ranking on Google’s search engine.

Here are some do’s of Googladapting:

Focus on Increasing Your Social Media Presence

Googladapting revolves around being more social to increase your online visibility on search engines and beyond. With this emphasis on social media, focus on gaining larger followings on the biggest social networks Facebook and Twitter. You also might want to consider building a sizeable follower base on Google’s own social network, Google+.

Engage with Followers Who Will Share Links

To engage with followers, ask them easy to answer questions that let them vocalize their opinions or needs. Incite valuable action from followers by inserting more calls to actions in social media posts–such as asking them to share your posts with friends to increase awareness using their social networks.

Gain More Testimonials

Gain trust in your brand and gain insight into the usefulness of your products or services through testimonials. Through using social media to ask users to submit testimonials, you can gain positive reviews plus a link back to your site. Encourage reviews and likes, tweets, and +1s from social media followers to publicize their experience with your site or products.

Submit to Directories

Submitting to directors is a time-tested and proven way to gain backlinks to your site and although we wouldn’t recommend doing this in hundreds of directories like in the past, there are still some powerful directories that are worthy of inclusion. You can submit your site to web directories but take note that recognition on directories sometimes means paying for it. However, there are some web directories that let you post your links for free such as Dmoz.

Network with Bloggers

Expose your business to new audiences and readers by asking guest bloggers to link back to your site. Networking with bloggers allows you to gain more authority in the eyes of search engines when they link to your site. But be careful which blogs you associate your business with. The quality of their content and their rankings determine how much value their links are worth.

Googladaption means more than avoiding penalties. It’s about integrating an effective ecommerce SEO strategy into your online marketing for maximum exposure.

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