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The cost of a brand new website is not cheap.  In London you can expect to pay a web designer between £5000 – £25,000 for a bespoke website, and even more if you want your site to be mobile user friendly, and that’s all excluding VAT.  So how can you justify this expense if your current site is not getting any visitors and not managing to bring in any revenue?

If you do not plan to optimise the site using UK SEO then there is not any point to creating the new site, as no one will see it. If however you are planning a strategic campaign the investment could be the best you ever make for your business.

Even the Best Site in the World Needs SEO to Get Noticed

The Internet is a fickle place; there are millions of sites many of which will hardly ever be seen simply because SEO techniques have not been applied.  A report in the Sunday Times recently discussed the benefits of SEO after a small business managed to optimise their site so effectively that they now rake in 40% of their revenue online. This shows that many more people are realising the value of SEO and are beginning to accept it as the best way of growing businesses online.

In many cases even the larger companies are left behind simply because they are not willing to invest in the services offered by a SEO company.  So now is the time to take your brand new site and get it seen and in return your sales can be greatly increased, and you have the chance to take business away from your rivals and even the giants in business.  So what are you waiting for?

Is D.I.Y SEO Possible?

Well almost everything is possible so there is no reason why you cannot undertake the job of optimising your site yourself.  You will need:

  • Time and lots of it.  SEO is not achieved in an instant.  It requires plenty of research and then hours implementing all the separate aspects of the whole campaign. Be prepared to produce a lot of original written content, spend time on social media, create regular blog updates, submit articles, and create listings in directories and much more.
  • Inside knowhow. There are certain parts of SEO that you are able to research online, but the advice given is really just the tip of the iceberg.  If you seriously want to consider doing SEO on your own it is wise to undertake SEO training.  You can learn directly from the experts all of the latest techniques and gain valuable knowledge.
  • Experience or time to learn analytical data reading.  The good thing about SEO is that there are ways of closely monitoring each part of the campaign.  Google Webmaster, Bing Webmaster Central and Yahoo Site Explorer all have useful tools to help you discover how well your site and campaign is performing.

Time an Issue?

Many companies discover that they simply do not have the time to give to their staff in order to run a successful UK SEO campaign. SEO Traffic Lab is a team of experts and a trusted SEO company.  If you would like to learn more about the various SEO services offered give the team a call on 0800 84 999 33 for more information.  You are able to claim a place on the latest SEO UK training course or discuss the services which may be more suited to your circumstances.

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