3 Critical Types Of Emails Ecommerce Marketers Must Harness

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Did you check your emails today? If you’re the typical Internet user, you check your email every day, making email marketing one of the most effective forms of inbound marketing. With email marketing being a simple and cost-effective way to reach out to and engage with customers, you can easily increase sales and your online presence with the right email. As a crucial part of your digital marketing strategy, here are three types of email marketing that ecommerce marketers use to their advantage:

1) Periodical Emails
The most popular form of email campaigns is periodical emails. By creating regular and frequent emails, periodical emails are a subtle but effective digital marketing strategy.
Periodical emails are often comprehensive, including news about your company, updated information about the latest offers of your products or services, and more all in one attractive newsletter.
Through email, you can convey your marketing message as well as specific information, making your words powerful in converting leads. With the body of the email, include a call to action, addressing leads directly to undertake a valuable action such as visiting a link to a sale on your ecommerce site.
While it is dependent on the customer’s willingness to read the email, once you compel them to open your email, you can encourage conversions with the promise of a great value or deal in the form of special offers, coupons, discounts, or sales. Subscribers respond positively to deals that are useful and relevant to them.
When you send a periodical email, specify the company name in the From line to avoid confusion about the sender or purpose of the email. Within the email, display links prominently so they are not hidden in the body text. Include logos or other company brand images in your HTML to increase brand awareness and image.
2) Drip Campaigns
If your site revolves around nurturing lead conversions as part of your digital marketing strategy, consider drip email campaigns. With drip campaigns, after a customer has completed a step in the conversion process, emails are preset to send automatically at predetermined times to encourage conversion.
Drip emails are a great opportunity to engage with customers and follow up after they take valuable step toward conversion or respond to a call to action. Send an email as a reminder to act, download, purchase, or follow.
Build anticipation and interest in your ecommerce site promotions with drip campaigns. Draw subscribers in to follow or remember a special event or sale, especially if it is dependent on the season or holiday.
3) Transactional Emails
It is typical for ecommerce stores to send a confirmation via email after a subscription or purchase. But transactional emails can serve a far more useful purpose than simply confirming an action–they can motivate action.
As a form of email marketing, a wide spread practice by thousands of ecommerce stores is to send an email immediately after the customer takes action to motivate them into taking even more valuable action. If a customer has been inactive after they filled a shopping cart, you can notify them of their inactivity and motivate them using incentive (such as a recent product price drop) to add more to their cart or complete the purchase.
When sending transactional emails, personalize the message. Target email subscribers through keying in on their location, previous purchase history, category most browsed and other information that can compel a customer into buying. By tracking user purchasing behavior and decision making, you can make the offers that will get their attention.
With these three types of emails, your business can harness the power to turn leads into conversions.
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