The Best and Worst Elements of SEO Campaigns

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As a digital marketing agency we see a lot of existing SEO campaigns, both good and bad. Our goal at SEO Traffic Lab is to transform existing campaigns into higher quality and traffic driving successful campaigns (but it’s not always that easy!) 

In this blog we are going to go through some of the best SEO campaigns and some of the worst. We don’t want to scare you, and hopefully it will help when it comes to evaluating your own SEO campaigns. 

Worst SEO campaigns 

“Just create content”

Of course, creating content is a good idea and you do need it on your website, however, a lot of businesses will just write the content and upload it, without putting any real thought into it. When it comes to writing content you need to make sure you plan in advance and know what your message is. There are five things you need to consider when writing content: 

  1. Frequency 
  2. Relevance
  3. Usefulness
  4. Keywords
  5. Progression

As well as having quality content across your website you also need to make sure you are promoting it, this can be on social media or through a link strategy. 

Quantity over quality

Focusing on quantity over quality may seem like a good idea, but it really isn’t. A lot of people focus on quantity when it comes to link building as it can be so easy to get a high volume of links, but this isn’t the strategy you should follow. 

One link from a popular blog is likely to be better for your search engine rankings than hundreds of low quality links. Focus on links that cover the following: 

  • Relevant to your website and industry 
  • Do not have many outgoing links
  • Do not contain links to adult, pharmacy or gambling websites 

“Analytics don’t matter” 

We often meet marketers who tell us that their SEO is successful as a result of a lot of work, unfortunately, we often find that they have not been tracking any of their results. Without the data it is hard to know whether your SEO has been successful or not.  

It is so important to make sure that you have analytics set up, whether this is for your website or social media, you need to know what does and doesn’t work. Google Analytics is our favourite, not only does it tell you what keywords are doing well but also what pages are ranking on Google and your conversion rates, which is often the most important KPI. 

We send our clients monthly reports that illustrate what has worked in that month, and areas that can be improved. 

Best SEO campaigns

Correct tracking set up 

When beginning an SEO campaign one of the main issues you can face is that the tracking hasn’t been set up properly, this goes for both SEO and PPC. It is a great start when a client comes to you and they have all their Google Analytics and Search Console set up and set up correctly. 

There are lots of guides available to help you with setting these accounts up, the most important thing is to have the correct information to start with, for example your website URL. 

Ranking Keywords 

A well established website will be ranking for some keywords, the aim of an SEO campaign is to rank for more. One of the first things we do when a client comes onboard is check to see if they are ranking for any keywords. If they are already ranking for specific keywords then we can work out what else can be implemented in order to increase the number of rankings. 

There are many ways you can optimise your website to rank for your chosen keywords:

  • Make sure the keyword is in the meta title
  • Make sure the keyword is filtered throughout the on-page content 
  • Create links to certain pages on your website with the keyword being your anchor text 

Optimised website structure 

Having an optimised website structure is one of the main things we look for when a business comes to us for SEO. Not only is a website structure important for us SEO gurus, the better your site structure, the easier the crawlers can access and index the content on your website. 

It is important to identify which subcategories connect with which categories. When you are using subcategories your URL’s need to reflect this. For example, the structure for SEO Traffic Lab is: 




SEO Audit 

Technical SEO

Local SEO 

Digital PR 


So, if you were to go to the Technical SEO page, the URL would be:

There are many other factors that make up a bad and a good SEO campaign, the above are just a few of the important ones. 

At SEO Traffic Lab, we specialise in making the best SEO campaigns for our clients. Find out more about the SEO services we offer here. 

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