8 Ecommerce Strategies To Keep & Win Customers

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In 2012 Amazon sold 27 million items on Cyber Monday, or 306 items per second, which is a record. We live in a fast moving online world and millons of transactions take place every second through Ecommerce shops. When looking to drive traffic to your e-commerce site, strategy is vital to increase and retain your customer base. With e-commerce strategy, you should focus on not only maintaining inventory that sells but on providing satisfactory customer service. Here are ways to improve your e-commerce marketing strategy:

1. Adjust your inventory
When reviewing your current inventory, evaluate which products are better kept or cut. Ask yourself which products have the most value to customers and whether you can ‪consider expanding product lines that are especially popular with customers or whether you should diversify your inventory. Based on your evaluation, adjust your inventory improving your current offering of services or products.
2. Keep up with industry standards
Depending on your industry, change can happen fast, even by the minute. Keep up with your industry’s trends and current standards through updating training for employees, re-designing your site or adding new applications that can help your business grow along with your industry.
3. Diversify your range
If you increase the range of your services or products through diversifying your products or services, you can open your e-commerce business up to new possibilities and revenue channels. An example of this is selling cleaning products or protective coverings along with your inventory of electronics.
4. Incentivise purchases
When customers debate on making a purchase, give them more added-value in their purchase to incentivise buying your products. Offer free delivery or a discount when they put a certain monetary amount in their shopping cart. This actions can increase customer loyalty to keep them coming back to your e-commerce site.
5. Reevaluate your e-commerce marketing
When your business is struggling to gain the attention of your target demographic, consider rebranding your products and services. By rebranding, you can create a different persona that appeals to a new demographic, different than the one you usually target.
6. Encourage customer feedback
By receiving feedback from customers through online surveys, you don’t have to guess what customers are thinking as they browse through your site, how your inventory appeals to them or if they are satisfied with their purchases. Through customer feedback, you can know all of these things and more, including ‪how you can re-adjust your e-commerce marketing strategy to better attract new customers.
7. Explore selling opportunities
When you have a store in addition to an e-commerce site, you should take this opportunity to increase sales at both locations. Explore your various selling opportunities by reaching out to customers through your physical store to encourage them to shop on your site or vice versa and advertise deals on your online site that can only be found at your physical store location. By doubling your e-commerce marketing for both your online and physical stores, you give customers more options on how and where they would like to shop, depending on whether they find one or the other more convenient.
8. Let customers comment and rate your store
Before buying products or services from a business they have only heard of, customers tend to search for comments and ratings. These kinds of feedback are valuable to new customers to let them know if a product is worth buying or if they had any difficulties shopping at a site.
By focusing on providing opportunities for customer feedback through letting them comment and rate your e-commerce site’s inventory or services, you can not only receive valuable feedback from customers but you can also communicate with them to provide a satisfactory experience. Trustpilot, Feefo and Ekomi are all excellent customer review community platforms that many online retailers utilise to engage with their customers and provide visible feedback on their sites.
‪By keeping in mind the importance of e-commerce strategy, you can improve your online store while constantly improving your e-commerce marketing strategy.

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