Three Effective Link Building Strategies for SEO Beginners

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When deciding what kind of information to view or share on the Internet, its users can think of it like a popularity contest. 

Think of links as votes for most popular.

The more links a website receives from other sites, the more popular it is and the higher it is visible on search engine rankings. With the colossal amount of content available online, link building is crucial for SEO for ecommerce sites.

But beware of cheating the system. With Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm updates, sites can be downgraded in rank if their links may seem spammy or irrelevant to site users. When strategising for your link building campaign, base it on creating natural links rather than low quality or paid links. Here are strategies for effective link building, determining your online visibility and sharing on social networks and beyond.

Network with Other Relevant Websites

When planning your link building campaign for SEO for ecommerce sites, think of your own site and compare this to sites that provide similar content. Begin by creating a list of 50 or more potential websites that you will reach out to. Choose these sites by asking yourself whether the topics of these blogs are relevant to your business or if these sites have readership similar to your own.

Take this opportunity to network with other websites. You can research sites by typing in your target keywords “+ guest blog.” The better the site you’re targeting fits to or complements your own, the more successful you’ll be at convincing them to share your links. In addition to whether sites are relevant, evaluate the quality of these sites. The higher quality the site, the more value their links to your site are in the eyes of search engines.

Share Unique and Authoritative Content

Your content could technically be called unique because it passes Copyscape. But unique content means more than not copying content word for word. For content to be unique and therefore interesting to readers, the headline must be also be unique and the content itself should be presented with a new twist or perspective that makes the reader instantly intrigued.

Reflect your unique and authoritative content in the metadata and HTML for your website.

Choose interesting titles and even subheadings for your content. You can do this by creating topics based on dispelling myths related to the products or services you provide (such as Top 5 Myths About Mobile Phone Batteries) or through giving an insider’s perspective on your industry. By speaking as an authority figure for topics relevant to readers, they will want to link back to your site as a trusted source.

Reach Out Through Email

After creating a target list, continue your outreach and networking through an email campaign. For SEO for ecommerce sites, target websites that are considered to be authoritative or provide high-quality links. Careful not to word your email as if it is a form letter because it comes off as impersonal or lacks effort. You could make a template for your link link-buildingbuilding email campaign but tailor it to each website owner.

Keep it brief–five sentences or less should suffice. Give a casual greeting like “Hi” or “Hello” and begin by complimenting the owners’ website content before easing into talking about your own website. Treat this networking opportunity as a give and take relationship. Be willing to share their content. When talking about your own content, frame it as potentially valuable to the site’s current readership. Link to your content, describe topic or title.

By working at these aspects of creating an effective link building campaign, you’ll increase your visibility and rankings.


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