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Reaching Out Naturally Enhances SEO

It is not a surprise that it is possible to improve your relationship with your customers by making yourself readily available and communication on a level which is comfortable for all parties.  People like to feel part of something, to feel like they belong and show off their involvement with something which is successful.  A great way to build strong relationships with your client base is to combine your business into their worlds.  And one of the most effective ways of making this happen is creating profiles on the social media websites.
The Online Population Keeps Rising
Latest figures have just been released which show the relevance of social media in marketing strategies.  During 2010 the top five hundred independent companies in the United States were interviewed by the Centre for Marketing Research.  It was discovered that out of all those who participated, a huge 83% used at least one networking website as a social media marketing strategy for their business.
Out of the many different social networking websites, 2010 saw a distinct growth in the use of the two media giants, Facebook and Twitter.  Facebook was deemed the more useful with an 85% success rate compared to the impressive 81% success rate awarded to its rival. 
In addition to these findings it was discovered that blogs had become increasingly popular over the last three years, and the percentage of companies in the Inc.500 list who included blogging in their online advertising rose from 38% in 2008 to 50% in 2010.
Spread your Wings with an Online Presence using Social Media
Besides the impressive figures the research saw a change in the way that the Social networking sites were being used.  Not only is it possible to market your services, brand and products, it is the ideal way to listen and respond to the calls of your customer base.  You can undertake surveys simply by writing a quick post, or making a quick tweet.  It is possible to direct your fan base to wherever you want on the Internet.  You can successfully combine all of your online marketing creating a huge web of knowledge that is freely available to your potential customers.
This has a huge advantage as it creates multiple backlinks to your company.  The more that you create, the high up your will climb in the search engine results.  You can encourage traffic naturally and effectively by getting involved with the online interfaces which connects people and businesses together.
In fact many of the organisations who were questioned found that not only were they able to communicate with customers, more and more business opportunities were created with new and current suppliers, their partners and vendors of the products all through Social Media.
Getting Involved
It is true that setting up and running a successful social media marketing strategy can take time, especially if you want to maximize your potential.  Here at SEOTrafficLab you can find tailored SEO services and one of the areas we specialise in social media for business.  We offer attractive packages which can set up and manage profiles and pages, including blogs and video campaigns on all the leading Social Networking sites and services. 
If you want to create a presence on any website not featured then you can approach us and we will create a bespoke seo package to meet your needs.
To find out more please contact us on 0800 84 999 33 for a personal quote.

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