UK Internet Advertising Reaches £4Billion

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SEO Techniques Encompass Social Media

According the Internet Advertising Bureau there has been a huge rise in online display advertising compared to last year.  The annual report shows that a 27.5% increase has been recorded, and this dramatic rise has been attributed to more businesses recognising the marketing power and SEO tool, social media.

Facebook Advertising Power too Strong to Ignore

Frequent users of Facebook will have noticed that more and more adverts are appearing on their home profile pages.  The social network allows the left panel of their pages to be devoted to small advertisements which can be localised and also allow nationwide and international companies some precious ‘Internet Time’.
This advertising is in addition to the free ways that any modern and successful company is able to use Facebook for.  Along with having the advertising, you can create groups, profiles and fan pages.  These can be used in all manner of ways but primarily when used well, they can be used to provide perfect communication tools between you and the customer and are used to boost sales.
As companies become aware of businesses that are organising highly successful SEO strategies including social media, more businesses are following suit.  A report in The Guardian stated that Facebook UK alone made roughly £11million just in advertising revenue during 2010. This provided them with 14% of the share in all online advertising revenue which relates to £132million, this is a rise of 200% from the previous year.
It’s Not Just Social Networking Sites
It is worth taking note of the amount of money which is now being funnelled into online video advertising.  This has doubled since last year, rising to an impressive £54million.  Videos are increasing in popularity and many companies are combining their video campaigns with their blogs, websites and social media accounts.  By using all of these marketing skills it is possible to create an excellent SEO campaign which will continue to grow as it works to improve your business.
There is no denying that online advertising is continuing to go from strength to strength.  However not all of the report showed increases.  As more businesses make use of social media and video marketing, paid per search has seen a decrease in their sales.  Last year the amount spent on paid for search accounted for around 63%, whereas this year the percentage fell to 57%. That being noted, the paid for search market did rise by 8% compared with last year, to an impressive £2.35billion.
SEO Advertising Goes Mobile
Mobile advertising is rising in importance every year, and has had its most successful year ever to £83million.  The report shows that mobile advertising grew by 116%. Social Media, video marketing and mobile advertising are all powerful methods to ensure that your SEO campaign is highly successful.
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