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By having your latest articles, press releases or news post listed highly under the Google News section you could find that your traffic is able to significantly increase.  According to reports Google News reports have a much higher CTR, or click through rate.  This is down to the fact that news reports are given higher presidency in the search engine result pages.  If you can get a listing here, you can find that your SEO techniques can really pay off.

How can you get included in the listings?

Unfortunately it is not simply a case of writing a news article and hoping it will appear under the classification of Google News.  In order to be placed in this section it is a necessity that you contact Google and inform them that your site is in fact a source of news stories. Once you have done this the news team for Google will pay your website a visit.  Their job will be to determine if it does class as news and decide if the content is appropriate to be listed as news.
There are some determining factors which can help you to achieve this status.  Firstly you need to make sure that the content is not full of opinions, that you do not make any analysis, and that they are more than just a source of information.  You can make sure that the news stories are kept up to date and are frequently posted. 

SEO and your newly listed news section

In order to use your addition of news stories on your web pages effectively there are some SEO strategies which can be implemented.   If you offer a particular type of service you can make sure that all your news stories are relatable to what it is your company does.  You can locate relevant stories and write them in your own voice to be read by others.  Then expand on this by writing your own news stories which are related to your services.
You must also release very fresh content in order to optimise the rankings you can achieve.  Make sure you have the latest stories available as one of the traits of Google News is to find the latest content relevant to the search term.  If you want to be listed highly, you have to produce plenty of new material.
Keyword research is essential, knowing what the most popular searched words are can help you to define your news content in order to attract the most visitors. Think carefully about the heading you come up with, make sure you optimise it to increase the chances of it being selected from the SERPs. Come up with an attention grabbing summary which can entice visitors who simply have to click to find out more.

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