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Help our Lead Technical Engineer walk all over cancer and show it who’s boss!

Andy actually walked 406,494 steps in March surpassing the target of 310,000 by a considerable distance. He has also managed to raise over £502 (plus £85 Gift Aid) for Cancer Research. Andy has lost 1 stone since the start of the year.

He used to drive to work and spend 8 hours sitting at his desk in his role as a technical engineer for SEO Traffic Lab in Gainsborough.

Andy now walks to work, does a half-hour walk at lunchtime and walks home from work. He also gets up every hour to complete 250 steps and ensure he isn’t sat at a desk all day staring at his screen. He has dropped inches around his waist and also feels more alert and healthy.

Andy has set his sights on new challenges to keep his momentum going and plans to walk the Yorkshire 3 peaks towards the end of the year.

Jodie King, Head of Operations at SEO Traffic Lab said,

“Andy has done incredibly well and I can’t quite believe how much it has transformed him. He loves walking and structures his day to make sure he can fit enough steps in. He is leaner, healthier and more chilled than I have ever known him. We are super proud of what he has achieved and can’t wait to see what he takes on next!”

Andy averages 13,000 steps a day now. He also eats healthier choices to keep his energy up and reduce the impact of diabetes on his life. His lifestyle change was spurred by wanting to spend more time doing activities with his son, but it was only when his boss Richard Hill set him a challenge of doing 5000 steps every day that his hopes were given substance. The introduction of goals and targets in motivating Andy proved to be a winner.

Andy has recently lost friends to cancer and has relatives battling it as this is written.

He says,

“Walking gave me something to do to try and fight back against this terrible illness. You feel so useless when people are fighting for their lives. Walking gave me time to reflect and also kept me active. Making money for this cause means a lot to many people and every day I feel like I have achieved a few steps towards eradicating it! We have to hope don’t we!”

If you would like to help Andy walk all over cancer, you can donate here

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