Yahoo puts pressure on Google’s profits

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Google felt a little bit uncomfortable last week as growing rivals Yahoo presented a new and “immersive” search experience to an audience full of executives. The new search system is reportedly strong enough to “over throw the online giant” (Google), and “revolutionise the way we surf”. Despite the expert’s heavy exaggerations, these claims may hold a symbol of truth within them. If Yahoo’s new system is a success, SEO will be changed forever.
In a product runaway event, Yahoo previewed a “rich” and “immersive” search experience to a variety of industry giants. The system will hopefully enhance the way we query both news and entertainment offering a more informed search result. For example, a search for “Daniel Craig” will not only yield photographs, events and projects, but also a content box full of the latest news for the person concerned.  The usual results will then follow below.
So what’s so “immersive” about this new system?
Essentially the system has been developed to decrease the time you spend surfing. To find an image of your desired celebrity you no longer need to switch to the ‘image search’ section of the engine. To find the latest news for the person you also don’t need to trawl through their wikipedia page – it’ll be with you in just one search. It’s the same thing for news. If you hear of the ‘Pope’s visit’, or of a ‘horrific bombing’, you can query the key words and enjoy the luxury of reading and seeing the latest reports and images instantly. The new system also provides relevant and up-to-date links regarding the news of a person – if 5 hours ago your star decided to turn down a contract you’ll know about it by being linked to a relevant article.
But what does this have to do with SEO?
Here at the SEOtrafficlab we offer packages suited to the needs of both your company and the current developments in industry. Yahoo’s new search experience has lead us to refine our SEO plans to ensure that you get the SEO results that you have always wanted. Whether Yahoo’s new system will be a success is yet to be known, but its impact could be global. If Yahoo’s engine becomes more popular so will its potential market value. Your potential consumers will be divided across the faces of several engines and so it is vital that the SEO Company you opt for understands the algorithms from both Google and Yahoo. Our team of experts have many years of experience behind them and together boast a broad range of knowledge in every aspect of SEO.
We embrace the changes in the SEO world and adapt and accustom ourselves to them accordingly. Our packages come in all sorts of forms – but fundamentally, their all up-to-date. If you want the service of a modern SEO company then you want the service of the SEOTrafficLab. Get a quote today and revolutionise the way you market your brand.
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