Katie Brown Kitchens

Katie Brown Kitchens our client case study

Who they are

Katie Brown Kitchens designs and manufacture affordable luxury kitchens. Each kitchen is bespoke and high end. They pride themselves on their exceptional customer service and the ability to create the kitchen of their customers’ dreams, at a reasonable price. They are based in Lincoln.

Their problem

Katie Brown came to us with aspirations of growth. They wanted to increase their sales by 30% in the first 6 months and then by 50% by the end of the 12 month period. This can be achieved through increasing their conversion rate (better-qualified leads) or increasing the footfall. They were also struggling to reach their target audience on social media.   

Our solution

We implemented our in-depth SEO RECIPE. Starting with a full Site Quality Audit and conducting competitor research. This led to content creation, link building and website optimisation to improve their online visibility. We made sure their website copy reflected their brand voice and personality, evoking emotion straight away. Targeting keywords with volume and copy that showcases what they are about, has increased the quality of their leads and quantity of traffic to their website.


bar chart


Increase in Goal Completions