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Krantz Kitchens

krantz kitchens our seo client case study

Who they are

Krantz Designs offer an exclusive service, driven by their passion for design, commitment to creativity and intense pride in their craftsmanship. They design and install bespoke luxury kitchens. Founded in 2004, their reputation for excellence and commitment to their clients is one of the many reasons for their success. They have a team of designers and carpenters, who work with you at all stages of the process. Their showroom is based in the Bailgate, Lincoln.

Their problem

Krantz Designs wanted to increase the quality of their leads. Their primary objective is to reach customers with a higher budget, so they can design kitchens with that wow factor. The second objective is to increase their brand awareness in Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and London. This required them to break into the London market first! Krantz expertise lies within design and customer service, not SEO and PPC, and that’s why they decided to work with us.

Our solution

SEO has been the primary focus for Krantz Designs. We implemented our SEO RECIPE, starting with an in-depth Site Quality Audit. We then targeted keywords that would drive better-qualified leads to their website, conducted competitor research, fixed their technical issues, and increased their link profile. This has allowed Krantz to break into the London market and design some of their best work!


Since we began working on Krantz Kitchen's website, we have seen a massive increase in their rankings, traffic and goal completions.



Increase in organic sessions

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Goal completions up



Increase in rankings