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Who they are

Lincolnshire Co-op is an independent co-operative based in Lincolnshire, owned by members, the people of Lincolnshire and Newark. They provide and support valued services through their own trading outlets, including, food stores, pharmacies, post offices, travel branches and funeral homes. The team also works very closely with the community, getting involved in a variety of economy, health, well-being and environmental projects.

Their problem

Lincolnshire Co-op came to us with a variety of objectives that they wanted to achieve for the different sectors that they work in. For example, within the Florist industry, they wanted to increase their flowers and gifts bookings, and for the Funeral industry, they wanted to increase funeral plan sales. As the Lincolnshire Co-op is so big, they also wanted to investigate different ways they could promote their brand locally. 

Our solution

“SEO Traffic Lab do a great job of explaining the mysterious world of SEO. The technical support, in particular, has been outstanding – they’re interested in what they do and keen to investigate and problem solve. We’ve found their support on Google My Business listings so valuable because we’re a business with lots of different outlets over a large area. They are responsive and always happy to help. Again, what marks SEO Traffic Lab out is their dedication to identifying issues and resolving them.”

Emma Snedden
Communications Manager
Lincolnshire Co-op

The first step we took with the Lincolnshire Co-op was a full website audit and local SEO audit. From this, we then arranged a meeting to discuss the different areas we thought we could help on. We decided that our first main focus was going to be fresh keyword research and meta creation for all of the main locations to enhance their chances of competing against their main competitors on Google. 

We then worked on the 220 Google My Business locations, making sure all of the information was correct and fully optimised. We have been working with the Lincolnshire Co-op for several months now and we have many more projects lined up with them. 


We have already completed so many projects since working with Lincolnshire Co-op, check out below a few of the fantastic statistics we have achieved.



Goal completions increased on previous 30 days

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Locations managed



Increase in rankings