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Engage your audience with incredible content.

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Importance of Links

Links are a common topic when it comes to SEO, with the likes of the penalties, good quality links have never been more important. Building these high quality links helps show search engines that you are an authority in your industry online. Links are earnt through numerous different methods, those coming from thought leadership pieces, events, discussed links and directories. The higher authority the linking websites, the better your links look to search engines. A note to caution here, there are many bad tactics when it comes to link building and it is important to review these regularly alongside google penalties. Rest assured we focus on creating natural and high quality links.

Digital PR

When growing your brand’s online presence building your relationship is a vital factor and similarly to traditional PR having a feature in a credible source will have huge benefits for your company. There are many news and journalistic sites that will help to get your company name out there, by being mentioned on one of these sites endorses your brand and affirms you as an authority online. Having links from these sites will not only bring in new traffic, but will show search engines that you are a trusted source, therefore giving you greater chance of ranking higher.


We work extensively to find bloggers who perfectly fit your brand and industry, once we are happy that the blogging platform will be appropriate for you, we create a specific piece to be shared to their audience. By reaching an entirely new audience who are most likely to be interested in your product or service, many people can be introduced to what you have to offer who may have not been aware before.


Listing your business in directories is an effective method when it comes to SEO, making it much easier for people to find you as well as building a strong backlink profile. We will only place your business onto directories that are trusted and that have a high domain authority. We will ensure that your business is included in the top directories as well as finding directories specific to your industry, therefore making it easier to get in front of your target audience.

Content Marketing Case Studies

Khaos Control

As an inventory management software that provides solutions across numerous industries, they wanted to make sure that they were reaping the benefits of on & off-page SEO.

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69.23% increase

in goal conversions

by creating regular creative content
& building high-quality links


growth in traffic

through creating and publishing
regular content around industry trends

Tag Systems

Following a comprehensive strategy recommended from an audit, they focused on developing regular content and building the authority of their site through strong outreach practices.

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