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  • Constant feed tweaking & monitoring
  • A verified Bing Partner
  • Totally in step with Bing Advertising developments
  • Data-led strategies & campaigns
  • Precise feed structure
  • Keep ahead of the competition
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Not Just Google

Although when it comes to Search Engines, the first one we automatically think of is Google, however Bing Advertising is becoming a more prominent force in the market. We are a Bing Ads Accredited Professional agency member, in order to receive this accreditation we must undertake specific training based around optimising for Bing and managing Bing ads campaigns. Bings share of the overall clicks in your market leave businesses with opportunities that are usually overlooked, Bing’s market share is growing year on year 2016 stats showing over 9% of searches are now performed on Bing.


It is important not to cast aside using Bing advertising as a large number will search for your business on the search engine. It is also common that although Google is the most common search engine, those who are already aware of your business may use bing to directly return to your site. Many of the technical elements that Bing use have similarities to those that Google have implemented, however it is important to optimise your site for both. We are aware of the differences and are able to implement the correct strategy for your business and your objectives.

Continued Optimisation

Having started as an SEO focused agency we continually develop our strategies and our optimisation techniques. We believe it is important to regularly review and update your campaigns. Therefore with Bing Ads it is simply not enough to just create Ad copy and time of day bidding, it is important to regularly check in with the successes and failures of these campaigns and create alternatives, this can be done through the use of A/B Testing for paid ads. We guarantee to regularly check and update your accounts in order to maximise profitability from the site.

Why Choose Us

As mentioned we are proud to have our Bing Ads Accreditation, we also regular attendees to Bing Conferences in which they announce their future plans as well as outline potential areas for improvement. Our account managers have direct contact with a member of the team at Bing and are able to provide genuine recommendations to help your Ads reach their potential. As with all of our Paid Campaigns we guarantee that you will only have a Bing Accredited account manager looking after you Bing account.

PPC Case Studies


As a digitally active and driven company, growing their eCommerce store further was a big priority. They wanted to drive more traffic to their site through PPC, specifically to core products & create PLA’s for their best sellers.

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year on year increase in traffic.

Through a combined PPC & SEO campaign
including enhancing product feed.

585% increase

in revenue year on year

Through the use of implementing a
fully managed paid search campaign.


As a young & innovative eCommerce business, Shopisfy wanted to establish their products on their own website. After a combined paid & search campaign they saw a dramatic increase in sales & brand awareness.

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