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Why Facebook?

Over 1 Billion people use Facebook daily, it is the largest source of online display advertising in the world, with average users spending over 7 hours per month on the site. Your customers are included in this, they will be on Facebook and you will be able to target your ideal customer through the platform. Finding your ideal customer is the beginning, creating content for them to engage with you and enter your sales process is the next step. There is also the benefit of the crossover to remarket to visitors via the site on their personal newsfeed.


Ultimately your target audience are active on Facebook, the opportunity to interact with said audience has never been easier. Facebook has created an incredibly in depth and unique opportunity to target your ideal customer. You are able to identify and segment individual aspects and target them on a personal level. This is through the use of stacking multiple sets of interests, for example targeting based on age, gender, relationship status, interests and location, you can match this with your brand personas and appear in their newsfeed.

What We Do

We offer a fully comprehensive service where everything you require to setup and manage a Facebook Ads campaign is created, this allows you to reap the benefits from the platforms marketing opportunities straight away. We offer inclusive campaign planning, setup and content creation, through to daily/weekly optimisation dependant on the strategy that is right for you. We have been managing Facebook Ads for many years for both our own agency and clients’ campaigns in a multitude of verticals and are  now able to offer this as one of our core areas for lead generation and sales.

Fully Optimised Ads

Optimising for Facebook Ads is paramount as the more engagement that you receive for your ad, the more visits you will receive to your website and the more visits to your site, the more potential conversions. We will create fully optimised Landing Pages for the Facebook Ads as well as creating alternatives to the Ads in the form of split testing to make sure you are using the correct copy, images and content. This is all part of the package in order to fully optimise and reach your target audience on a personal level to help reach your business objectives.

PPC Case Studies


As a digitally active and driven company, growing their eCommerce store further was a big priority. They wanted to drive more traffic to their site through PPC, specifically to core products & create PLA’s for their best sellers.

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year on year increase in traffic.

Through a combined PPC & SEO campaign
including enhancing product feed.

585% increase

in revenue year on year

Through the use of implementing a
fully managed paid search campaign.


As a young & innovative eCommerce business, Shopisfy wanted to establish their products on their own website. After a combined paid & search campaign they saw a dramatic increase in sales & brand awareness.

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