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Google Ad Grants

Transform your business with Google Grants.

  • $10,000 worth of ad spend for PPC
  • For charities and non-profit organisations
  • Essentially free money for marketing
  • Reach further than ever before with Google ads grants
  • Tailor your campaigns to suit your objectives
  • Skilled Google grants team
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Working With Non-Profit

Google are giving their bit back to non-profit organisations by offering Google Grants for Paid Ads, these are available to eligible NPO’s and offer $10,000 worth of advertising budget every month from Google to those who qualify. We work with charities, foundations and other nonprofits to significantly increase your web presence driving additional web traffic and help achieve your marketing objectives using the Google Ad Grant. We can help you to apply for these grants as we are used to the process and have had many cases of success. We are able to manage and implement a strategy to spend your budget, whilst improving your charity’s awareness.

Targeting Your Audience

Google Grants works exactly like a normal Adwords account but the money is free from Google. It allows you to target users who are searching for nonprofits just like yours. Once you are accepted into the program by Google, you are given $10,000 credit per month to spend in your Adwords account, which reaps the benefits of a normal PPC campaign without using any of the charities budget. We can manage or co-manage the account on an ongoing basis to reach the audience that matters to your charity.


Under the Google Ads Grant program you can only run specific text ads in search campaigns, which are triggered by your chosen keywords around your NPO and the various services/products you offer.  We have a daily budget of as much as $330 to promote your nonprofit directly on Google, which could bring you at least 160 new visitors to your site per day based on the maximum bid amounts set by Google for each click of £2.00 per click. Another element of the program is that you account must be active and managed on a regular basis each month or you can lose the funding.

Next Steps

We can work with your team to apply, create and manage your entire Google Ads entitlement, ensuring you make the most from the $100,000 Ad budget that Google give you as a nonprofit. We can help you reach your business objectives, whether that is to recruit more volunteers by improving visibility and reach for your cause and ensure you are targeting and tracking conversions to monitor the effectiveness of the campaign. Simply get in touch below and we can arrange an initial free consultation and assist in your application to the grant.

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year on year increase in traffic.

Through a combined PPC & SEO campaign
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585% increase

in revenue year on year

Through the use of implementing a
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