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Google Shopping Ads (Product Listing Ads)

Google Shopping (PLAs) Specialists

  • Campaign management that increases profitability (ROAS)
  • Logical feed structuring
  • Beta testing ahead of the field with Google
  • Data-driven, meticulous campaigns
  • Mobile optimised bidding
  • Total tracking transparency
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Product Listing Ads

Commonly known as Google Shopping Ads, or as Google refer to them, Product Listing Ads, are a goldmine for an eCommerce store. The ads have created an unprecedented opportunity to drive traffic to your site, as an eCommerce business this is one of the first things we recommend and implement. We create a feed from your site which is then synced with your Google Merchant Account, this then links to your AdWords account and then we are able to manage it from there. From our experience this has been one of the quickest and most successful ways to drive sales to your store.


We have a vast number of happy clients whose Google Shopping Ads we manage, we are able to create a bespoke offering to your objectives and situation. If you are just getting started with Product Listing Ads we can set up the campaign, or if you want us to audit what you currently have or even if you have grown exponentially and need some assistance in managing a complex inventory of multiple products in the tens of thousands, we have you covered.

Setup & Optimisation

Structuring the perfect set up is crucial for any Google Shopping Campaign. Unlike Google Search Ads, with Product Listing Ads you don’t bid on keywords, you set a bid price on a product or product group, so ensuring that your products have the correct data associated with them is crucial if your Ads are going to show. The importance of optimising your feed is paramount here also, we create product feeds that represent your eCommerce categories and/or individual product types, enabling us to create a near perfect granular account structure. Product Listing Ads success really does start with having the best data feed, which in turn ensures that your products get the impression share they should.


Simply put if your Google Shopping campaign is being managed successfully you should be working continuously to improve ROAS – Return On Ad Spend.  This exactly where are Account Managers focus, working at a granular level around your products, brands, best sellers and most profitable products to improve your return on spend.  Our team are constantly asked to manage complex Google Shopping campaigns and revel in the chance to understand both new and existing campaigns to develop into the main contributor to the store’s overall sales. We work to fixed fees and enjoy a challenge when it comes to managing your Google Shopping campaigns.

PPC Case Studies


As a digitally active and driven company, growing their eCommerce store further was a big priority. They wanted to drive more traffic to their site through PPC, specifically to core products & create PLA’s for their best sellers.

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year on year increase in traffic.

Through a combined PPC & SEO campaign
including enhancing product feed.

585% increase

in revenue year on year

Through the use of implementing a
fully managed paid search campaign.


As a young & innovative eCommerce business, Shopisfy wanted to establish their products on their own website. After a combined paid & search campaign they saw a dramatic increase in sales & brand awareness.

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