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Importance Of Audit

Whether you have experimented with an AdWords account or whether you have previously employed an agency to look after you PPC Campaign, it is likely that your account is not optimised or working to the best of its abilities. That is why a PPC audit is essential, our experts are able to evaluate and create full detailed and technical recommendations to improve the effectiveness of your Paid campaign. We have historically saved our clients money in their campaigns, from the cost per click to the cost per conversion. Our audits are not just an overview, we review accounts and our experts can implement the changes right into your account.

Technical Elements

Everything starts with a consultation to understand what you’ve done to-date (if anything) enabling us to then structure a perfectly built campaign, whether you are interested in doing Paid Search, Display, Social or Product Listing Ads. There are technical elements to your campaigns such as the ad copy, time of day bidding, mobile adjustments, ad group adjustments, that could be the secret to your PPC campaign success. In many cases we will create several different types of campaigns working together to target your consumer through the buying process from initial query to purchase or information request.

Insights & Experience

If you have experience working with a paid campaign we are able to provide you with a one-to-one with our account manager to look into detail in areas that you could improve. For instance as an eCommerce business there is the opportunity to optimise your Google Shopping Ads, often the feed that it pulls from your merchant centre will not truly represent your brand or business. In the audit we look into detail into not only what you are doing now and we also made actionable and implementable recommendations that are relevant to your business objectives.

On Trend

As mentioned Google likes to make regular changes and updates to both organic and paid search. In the last year they have removed the right hand column and you are allowed expanded text ads in your Paid Search Ads. The difference of these compared to the standard Search Ads is a huge difference in real estate opportunity. We are able to review the potential for your business to take advantage of these opportunities, and there are so many opportunities for you to be in front of your audience through the use of implementing an effective PPC Campaign.

PPC Case Studies


As a digitally active and driven company, growing their eCommerce store further was a big priority. They wanted to drive more traffic to their site through PPC, specifically to core products & create PLA’s for their best sellers.

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year on year increase in traffic.

Through a combined PPC & SEO campaign
including enhancing product feed.

585% increase

in revenue year on year

Through the use of implementing a
fully managed paid search campaign.


As a young & innovative eCommerce business, Shopisfy wanted to establish their products on their own website. After a combined paid & search campaign they saw a dramatic increase in sales & brand awareness.

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