Following on from our last blog on your best practices from local level marketing, we want to illustrate how it would work specifically to a location. As we are so proud to be yellow-bellies, we thought we would use Lincolnshire local marketing tips as the example. With many articles for digital marketing, it can all seem very useful, but understanding the if’s & but’s and how it will be appropriate for your business is the most difficult bit.

This blog wants to help you continue your education of Lincolnshire local marketing to be able to implement the strategy that will suit your business model. With the use of genuine examples, consider it your toolbox for dissecting Lincolnshire’s local marketing and digital scene.

Creating External Content

It is perfectly fine to write content for your own website, we actively encourage it, of course, when it comes to creating a profile locally, we recommend you branch out to writing external content. There is a straightforward way to get you started with this that doesn’t rely on already having high profile relationships. Type into Google, this formula:  Writeforus: Lincolnshire. 

Your results should look something like the following.

Lincolnshire Local Marketing Tips

Retrieving any relevant sites for your location, (this can be replicated regardless of location, simply change location,) which results in this site: https://www.lincolnshire.org/write-for-us/.

Although you won’t find any groundbreaking links that way it is still likely that you will find some that will allow you to gain links and ultimately exposure.

Once you have tried it specifically to your location, you can experiment with your industry, for example here, web development.

Lincolnshire Local Marketing
Even if you do not find pages that begin with ‘write for us’ you will find local events and sites that champion Lincolnshire businesses which could make great connections. Investigate those in order to build your SEO list of contacts to consider as Lincolnshire local marketing contacts.

Get Social On Social Media

Connect with businesses and individuals and even hashtags on social media to stay up to date with your local area. Below we have selected a variety of Lincolnshire local marketing social media handles & hashtags to make sure you are engaged with. Once you follow these, interact with them and look who they recommend, create a continuous circle.

  • #lincolnshire
  • #lincoln
  • #lincolnlove
  • #lincs
  • #lincolnshirebusiness
  • #lincsconnect
  • #lincsbizexpo
  • @Visitlincoln
  • @LincsBusiness
  • @LincsCathedral
  • @LincsSkies
  • @nlbn1
  • @lincsbizexpo

Get Social In Person

Unfortunately, there is not a list we can give you for who you need to speak to like who to connect with on social media. However, think of any names that the list makes you think of. Consider networking events and the first person that greets you, those people who speak at events, and even those who you always say hello to in passing, aim to strike up a conversation with them.

Local Directories

Lincolnshire local marketing has local directories to thank, they are the bricks and mortar to help gain traction. Although they may not be the cleanest or viewed websites, when people are searching for you and therefore your credibility and you appear on one of the following, you appear much more trustworthy.

  • directory.lincolnshire.co.uk
  • www.linkedin.com/company/lincolnshire-business
  • www.lincs-chamber.co.uk/business-directory


They are the Lincolnshire business directories if you have other locations make sure you are the ones for your individual towns or cities. The more specific the better and if you can get yourself on any specific industry ones, even better. When it comes to local directories their domain authority is less important. The fact that they are local is the biggest win so discard how you assess national directories.

Attend Local Events & Enter Local Awards

Entering local awards is a fantastic way to piggyback of the event organisers relationship, promotion and exposure. If you don’t feel that you are ready to put yourself forward for rejection with an award, consider sponsoring awards and events.

Create a digital footprint that reflects your physical footprint, but better. Connect online following any social event, earn links from sponsorship, articles and more.


We are so proud to be one of many businesses in Lincolnshire. Download your free eBook on what businesses love most about Lincolnshire by clicking here. 

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