As an eCommerce store, there are multiple options for using third-party platforms to sell your products. These include the infamous Amazon, the starting point for the majority of product searches, eBay and Google Product Listing Ads. In this blog specifically, we look at pitfalls to avoid when selling on Amazon. However, we recommend that you consider the correct platform for your product niche, consider unique third-party platforms such as Etsy, NotOnTheHighStreet, or even GumTree.

Amazon is an incredibly competitive third party site, which therefore has its pros and cons, it is important to consider this when approaching the platform as a reseller of your products. We recommend understanding your own brand position and particularly your pricing strategy as to charge more it is essential that you illustrate why you are the more expensive item.

Below we run through 8 of the most common pitfalls to avoid when selling on Amazon, we work with an array of clients who are selling products on their own site as well as through third-party reseller. We find that those with a unique product base do particularly well as they are able to stand out in the marketplace. As well as helping clients make their products stand out on third-party sites we have learnt some important optimisation techniques to consider when selling on Amazon. We have a good history with eCommerce, as our CEO had his own eCommerce store before setting up SEO Traffic Lab, which was successfully selling across multiple eCommerce platforms.

selling on amazon infographic (2)

If you’re considering selling on a third-party reseller we recommend that you consider the above points for Amazon. We also run through some essential elements to consider when selling on any third-party sites such as eBay and even Google Product Listing Ads, in a quick and easily digestible video that can be found here.

selling more on your ecom store video

We have gone through pitfalls to avoid when selling on Amazon, however many of these are relevant across third-party sites in general. Third party sites are a fantastic way to advertise your products to a wider audience, rather than spending the budget on directing traffic to your site as Amazon has more traffic to their site than you could ever experience on your own site.

Following this blog, if you have any questions on selling on third-party sites, we would be more than happy to offer our expert opinion and help decide which platforms would work the best for your product collections.