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Jodie King

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Hello I’m Jodie and I’m going to talk to you today on engaging audiences over social media. Lots of this has been said plenty of times before but there’s still a lot of the basics that maybe people don’t always have the time to initiate or are a little bit scared of committing into some of those daring, outside-of-the-box creating ways of engage with people on social media. We create some great content but we don’t always outreach it as well as we could. So, six really quick tips I’m just going to get through:
Number one: building relationships and connecting to people and it’s about the people really; it’s not about retweeting and favouriting, going through the mentions of that social media. It’s not about that. You’ve got the ads on there, on Twitter, so you can reach directly to people. We do it all the time in local companies and we also reach out to national people within our industry, and of course the big brands because you’ve got to dare to get those retweets and you have to dare to reach out those people in the first place. Hashtag, when you’re building relationship make sure that you get in the right group and that you’re looking at trending articles and themes at the time, and the events that you might be part of, then you’re linking directly to those audiences; and that’s major for Twitter, Instagram and of course Tumblr.
Point number two: social is a 24-hour deal. It’s not just about you sat at your office and you’re going through the mentions because you have to or you’re employed to do that. This is something where people are serious about social, are serious about digital marketing. Taking it home on the weekends, they’re checking their phones, it’s like mobile these days, we’re never away from social. So schedule some posts. Don’t do it all the time, we can’t get robotic, they still need to see you through all those posts but there are some great apps these days you could use, some great tools. Buffer, Cloud, Sprout Social, Hootsuite. Articular Hootsuite has been around for quite a while. Buffer is amazing because it actually selects content for you to tweet. Fill to this empty part of your strategy, don’t do it all of the time but by all means use those apps; that’s what they were created for.
Number three -really quick and simple one-: create some promotions and competitions. We say this all the time, we see some great ones on social media; massive amount of sharing, people like to know they’re getting something out of their social experience. So simple, think about the free promotion that you can do or something that they can win, and then with a quirky creative idea round that to get people engaging.
Number four: always be original and be authentic. It is hard to do, here is an awful lot of stuff out there but at the end of the day, personality makes individuals stand out. And the same thing applies online. If you think you’ve got friends and stuff you’ve chosen for certain reasons, exactly this kind of relationships online, you will select them, you’ll choose them for certain reasons; and that’s because they’re original, they’re authentic and you can relate to them.
Number five: what help can you offer? Ultimately, that’s what people will probably confide to you, more than anything else. They’ll have a question, or they’ll want to know how to do something, or they’ll wanna know how to engage to your product. So the how-to is the question & answers, a massive for increasive approachability; really opening that door to your brand and letting people see what you’re all about and the fact that you’re actually out there to help them, that’s the motivation behind your social media strategy: you’re wanting to reach out, give people what they really want, not what you think they want -be clear on that.
Number six: don’t point just because you have to. You sit there and you think “it’s Friday, I’ve really got to get something out there… What sould I post? Ah, I know! Have a great weekend!” How many times do you see the “have a great weekend!” “have a great evening!” or “Gosh, that was a stressful week!” It’s just the same mundane meaningless waffle and nobody is going to engage with that post. They might get one like from someone that has nothing better to do but ultimately you’re not adding any value to your brand and social media, and to be honest all you’re doing is distracting them from better quality. You probably won’t be on their radar, Facebook and things like that now generate posts and they’ll put through the most important ones with the things that they think you want to say; you won’t even get registered. So if you haven’t got anything great to share, just don’t. There’s no social preassure, you don’t have to share something if you don’t want to. Don’t do it, think about something, create it, craft really interactive content and put it on there when you’ve got something really worth viewing.
Ok, so that’s it; six tips. If you follow those rules I guarantee your social media strategy will be above and beyond anything you’ve created in the past and do check out the rest of the blogs. There are some great ones out there on tools, on social media specifically and there’s a great piece on Instagram which is obviously gathering momentum. So have a read and hopefully you’ll find your social media strategy will be like it’s never been before.
Thanks for listening. Bye bye!

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