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The SEOworld went through a chasm of excitement last week when the search engine Blekko made its official launch. The first of its kind, Blekko allows its users to slash through the engine with its slash tag system. Instead of viewing the entire web horizontally, users can use an ever growing list of slash tags to enhance the specificity of their search.
At such a young age Blekko will need many more months of development before it can even think about threatening the success of Google. Like all search engines it will need time to mature before its results reflect what it’s really capable of.
Blekko’s ground breaking SEO tool
Blekko’s mediocre results are not the reasons for industry excitement. It‘s the tools that it has on offer. As well as a revolutionary slash tag system, Blekko also offers its users a clear insight into how it indexes and ranks websites. Below every search result the user has the chance to click, among others, a link labelled SEO. Described as an “incredible SEO tool” by many, the link offers webmasters an invaluable chance to see why a listing has been given its rank for that query. The tool provides users with the following information:

The results back links and referrals

Link distribution Data

Crawl Data

Pages that were indexed

A comparison tool

The back link information is incredibly useful to SEO’ers. It shows them which websites are offering quality referrals as back links. The site comparison tool is also a fantastic way for SEO experts to see why their industry competitors are ahead of them in the search rankings.
Scoring pages on their relevance to the query
Blekko is very open to searchers about how and why they have listed a result in a particular ranking. Webmasters can see a critical view of their SEO performance thanks to a scoring system based on individual categories. They have the chance to see which aspects of SEO they are both strong and weak on – invaluable pieces of information that can be used to refine the efforts of a marketing strategy. At this moment in time it is unclear as to exactly how the scoring system works but all that we can safely say is that the higher score the better!
High hopes for a more effective Link Data system
Google and Yahoo’s Link Data systems have been heavily criticised for their accuracy.  Because of this a lot of hope has been placed on Blekko’s Link Data system. Without large funding or contacts behind them, the team at Blekko have had to employ a third party Link Data system. These types of systems, however, are known for having a variety of problems. Blekko will have to master the following points to win over the SEO industry:
Keeping up with the major Search Engines in terms of content: Third party systems can often have an extensive amount of Link Data missing.
The right level of updating: Blekko will need to keep their system as up-to-date as possible reporting a change of link numbers as and when they change.
Keeping on top of Spam: Third party Link Data systems are renowned for failing to filter spam.
Here at the SEOTrafficLab we have high hopes for the future of Blekko. Its features are truly ground breaking and we are more than ready to integrate its tools into our modern SEO services.
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