Why clickability is vital to SEO web design

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People that are new to SEO make the assumption that the technique involves just pleasing the search engines. But that is only one half of the coin. SEO also involves the optimisation for people who use the search engines. Attaining a high rank for your website on Google is pointless if your webpage is not visually enticing Link-wise. To maximise the efficiency of your SEO efforts you need to think both about the engine and the searcher who will be using that engine.
Perceived Visual Affordance (err what?)
In plain English, perceived visual affordance regards the clickability of a website or webpage. Every intended link on a webpage should look clickable to website traffic; this is essentially the foundations of the idea. The majority of web developers and designers will always see their links as clickable, and will thus fail to consider PVA. But this is because they designed the colour and interface of the link – of course the links will look clickable to them! But this does not necessarily mean they will look clickable to the searcher and thus there is a problem.
Your websites links need to be tested by real life searchers who can reliably judge how clickable your links really are. Before you allow your links to be tested you should try to refine your design to meet the following PVA laws:
Every clickable item on the Webpage should look clickable
Every unclickable item on the Webpage should not look clickable
There should be no links on a page that aren’t intended for searchers to click
Through these developments you will improve your web traffic’s experience. They will be easily able to differentiate between what is meant to be clicked and what is not. They will also no longer be trying to click links that are not actually meant to be there. In terms of SEO the method is crucial – an easier user experience means a heightened chance of business conversion. Your brand reputation will also be improved as your visitors enjoy a reliable and easy ride through your site.
Look back over your website. Do your product’s pictures need to be bordered? Do your links need to be bolded? Is your colour scheme obscuring the sight of your links? Use your common sense and try to empathise with your searchers to work out just how clickable your links are.
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