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We have completely upgraded the old website to a modern fully-functioning new website that goes into detail about all the services in which we offer as well as to offer solutions to common problems we encounter in the digital marketing world.
United Agency designed some elements of the new website, they are a fantastic group of gents, who we cannot thank enough for their keen eye for detail and their availability to turn designs around even at short notice when we occasionally would drop something on them the last thing on a Friday afternoon.
We had a particular area of focus when we first underwent the scope meeting for our website build, which was to simplify a complicated and confusing industry so that it was not only understandable to those individuals who are not fully aware of all the elements that tie together to create a seamless online profile. Making us more relevant in today’s market and truly resolving common issues for businesses across the length and breadth of the country across multiple strands of digital marketing.
So please have a look around our new website, let us know your thoughts, areas you love the most and if you spot a typo, although hopefully, you won’t find any.
Here is a selection of areas of the website that we are incredibly proud of;
We have grown. The industry has changed. Now our new website reflects that. As our name suggests we began as an agency focused around SEO, this is still our bread and butter and we integrate it into every element of our campaigns. However, we have grown to offer services that incorporate new technologies and techniques, including our most recent addition of Website Development. The PPC side of SEO Traffic Lab has grown exponentially as the Pay to Play mentality has spanned across the country and for those who are new to it we offer a free consultation to discuss if it is the right avenue for you. Also for those who may have worked with another agency before we offer AdWords Audits where we can look at how you can improve your current campaigns.
Another large element of SEO Traffic Lab has always been the sharing of knowledge. As a team of digital enthusiasts, we are continually learning and growing our skill base. This is still at the core of our agency and as well as running our bi-annual digital Marketing event, LabLive, we are launching regular comprehensive training days focusing on specific areas of digital marketing, who those who want to tunnel vision a certain element.
We wanted to create unity across our site to represent the collaborative team effort that we apply to every campaign that we work on, this stems from the first interaction with your business and extends to the continual relationship. We have done this by creating specific colours for individual service offerings, as we started as an SEO agency we kept our infamous teal colour to be synonymous with any SEO collateral. This spreads across every element of our business both online through the new website and offline through proposals and promotional materials.

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