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Marketing Pain Points

These are the pain points of marketing your ecommerce store– we know them because our clients came to us with them and of course we encounter them with our own marketing from time to time!
There is never enough time to do as much as you would like to!
Marketing is like an infinite resource. There is so much you can be doing that you could easily spend every minute of every day simply marketing it. Of course, your ecommerce business needs to be managed so marketing is often far lower down on the priority list than you would like it to be.
Getting good at certain marketing strands takes training and talent!
Most ecommerce business owners know that email, on and off-page SEO, social media, creating PDFs and running PPC campaigns are hugely beneficial but they also require varying levels of skill. Not only do you need to find the time to do them but you also need to find the time to learn how to do them.
The field of marketing changes at a rapid pace!
You have to keep your finger on the pulse and know what is working in marketing as it can change on a monthly basis. Especially in things like Google Adwords & SEO that see updates almost every single week. Keeping apprised of what is working, what needs tweaking and what requires changing is essential.
So how do we help you solve those issues? How do you stay ahead of your competitors?
Well what we have done is create a bitesize ecommerce digital marketing training platform that gives you all the information you need to make current marketing decisions and implement a marketing strategy that has brought the essentials to the fore for you.
This means you spend less time on marketing because you will know the exactly what to do to have the biggest impact on your Return On Investment (ROI).
Etoomi is what we call this contemporary training platform and it is a fraction of the cost of employing a digital marketing agency or spending hours and hours on marketing without ever seeing those essential results.

What is Etoomi?

At SEO Traffic Lab our single focus is to deliver great digital marketing to our clients and empower them to do more with their sites and ultimately with their businesses.
Sometimes we encounter budget concerns – businesses totally aware that they need to do more but haven’t got the funds to invest in marketing. There are also those businesses that have been burned badly by dodgy SEO companies giving them false promises and hopes and then landing them with no results or a penalty after implementing flawed tactics to get quick wins.
Whatever your situation or your experiences we have developed a full ecommerce marketing training platform that can give you the knowledge to action your own digital marketing campaign.
We have produced seven key modules on:

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off -Page SEO – Link Earning
  • Content Marketing – On Page
  • Content Marketing – Off Page
  • Analytics and Measurement
  • PPC
  • Social Media

These main headings cover a range of how to guides and introductions into a number of specific digital marketing requirements including:

  • Writing Meta Descriptions and strong Page Titles
  • Earning high authority links from external websites
  • Enhancing site speed
  • Navigating Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools
  • Writing prime content: Emails, Press Releases, PDF Guides
  • Writing copy for websites including product descriptions and the top five ecommerce pages
  • Creating a content and social media calendar for structured workflow
  • Maximising conversion on all relevant social media platforms
  • Setting ups ads on Bing and AdWords
  • Optimising PPC campaigns

It encompasses all you need to know about how we create and implement a full marketing strategy for our clients. There is one single upfront payment for lifetime membership and all you have to invest after that is time. You will have a permanent reference point before implementing new strategies and the knowledge to measure and evaluate your efforts as you go. Marketing is only worth the time you put in when you get results. Keep your eyes fixed on those conversion stats and do not look away until they start to go up!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we have been asked about Etoomi in the past:
Q: Do you provide support if I get stuck working my way through Etoomi?
A: Of course! Our friendly support team are available to help you through your issues. We’ll guide you in the right direction and help you get past any issues you have.
Q: Why is the course sold in US $ when you are based in the UK where they sell in £ sterling?
A: Simply our course has been designed to be sold worldwide and currently our shopping cart system will only allow 1 currency so we made the decision to sell in $ as this currency is recognised worldwide.
Q: What level is the course aimed at?
A: The course has been designed so whether you’re just beginning your ecommerce marketing or whether you have already been marketing online for many years you will learn from it. It covers the basics for beginners and then offers advanced modules and resources for the more trained eye of an intermediate or advanced learner.
Q: Looking through the modules it seems like it will take a lot of my time to implement them, is this the case?
A: All of the modules are broken down into bite sized lessons that can be paused and re listened to at any time you wish. So you go at your own pace and work through the modules when you wish. We recommend that you take each core module and focus on completing the tasks in a timely manner to get maximum return from your course investment.
Q: Can I implement everything that you teach myself?
A: The simple answer is absolutely. You may decide, depending on your own internal team skills, that you will outsource certain tasks to others, but this is not necessary.
To find out more about Etoomi go to >>
If you have any questions at all then please feel free to ask them in the comments below or call the office and speak to one of the team.

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