Experian Hitwise Results Show Bing Continues to Grow in the UK

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YouTube Wins Social Media Market Share, Have you optimised your Video Marketing?

The search investigators Hitwise have recently launched their latest analysis of the search engine data in the United Kingdom. The results that were released in April showed that Bing was the fastest growing Search Engine as it grew in popularity by 0.28% compared with the previous month. Although Google is still in the dominant position being responsible for 90.68% of all searches throughout March, Bing can take some encouragement in the knowledge that they are taking some of the users away from their rival.

Out of all of the search engines which were monitored, Google was the only one to see a loss in the monthly changes. Bing was also the only search engine which saw a growth in the UK on the year on year figures between March 2010 and March 2011. Their competitors, Google, Yahoo, and Ask or saw a dip in their market shares for the same period.

SEO UK is recognising that concentrating efforts on just one search engine.  Users like to use certain engines for certain searches. While Google and Bing are very mainstream, people looking for finance, travel and the retail industries may tend to use the other engines.

Fastest Growth in Social Networking Given to YouTube

Facebook was by far the winner, receiving 56.42% of the market share but this result was actually a loss of 1.22%.  The winner for March was in fact YouTube, who rose by 0.74% to increase their market share to 19.06%.  If you are working with a SEO company in the UK it is worth discussing your current social media campaigns to make sure that you are taking advantage of the current trends in the networking sites.

Hitwise did state that despite the loss made by Facebook, the site is certainly not losing any steam.  They expect that the site will hit over 60% of the market share before the end of 2011.  Their research also pointed out the Facebook was now responsible for sending the second largest amount of traffic to other websites, standing only behind Google.

Social Media and SEO

So the key point for SEO UK techniques is to make sure that your websites are optimised with more than one search engine in mind. Both Bing and Google need to be considered, and if possible work towards the remaining search engines too.  All of the content should be original and appealing, and if you can combine this with social media then you can be onto a real winner.

Google and Facebook seem to be some of the main areas which are concentrated on by the SEO companies. The growth of the social media shows that video marketing using YouTube needs to be considered if you are trying to increase your online presence using SEO in the UK.

SEO Traffic Lab are able to manage your social media and not only focus on the giant Facebook, they have packages designed to optimise your video marketing.  The YouTube package includes account creation, branding your own YouTube channel and the creation on one video each month which will be submitted to a further ten video sharing websites.  Call 0800 84 999 33 to talk to the SEO experts today.

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