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How SEO can boost your local presence

As the search engine giants Google are continually changing their algorithm it is important for any business to pay attention to how this may affect their online marketing presence.  Small business have struggled in the past to get their website positioned high on the ranking list coming second to the multi million pound organizations.  Thanks to one of the current changes concerning localising search results, getting to the top is achievable quicker than it ever has been.
Stand Head and Shoulders above the Rest
Old fashioned paper directories are severely going out of fashion.  Recent reports have disclosed that above 80 per cent of people will use search engines to locate a company within their district.  One of the reasons they are so popular is that potential customers like to get an idea of your services, prices and quality before even coming to pay you a visit.  The search will point them in the direction of your website, if you don’t have one, or if it is not up to scratch they will simply move on to the next one until they find a site which impresses.
It is more important than ever to make your website not only look professional, but also be easy to navigate. There is little point getting yourself up on the list of local search results if your customer base does not follow up on your services once viewing your pages.
Google, Bing and Yahoo are the most commonly used search engines so getting yourself seen above the crowds can take some effort.  2011 sees the advances of using location which will benefit many of the smaller and start-up companies greatly.  The problem you may experience is how to implement the SEO strategies effectively with this information.   
It’s Time to Meet the Locals
Old fashioned advertising campaigns involving leaflet dropping, mailbox spamming and taking out adverts in your local newspaper are techniques often used by new businesses trying to get noticed.  These are not cost effective and not as powerful as having your name and website showing up on the top of the search engine results pages.  With more than 110 million websites this might seem to be an impossible task.
Hiring professional SEO services can give your company the boost it needs and quickly see your company get the recognition it deserves.  Keeping up with progress you can request assistance in improving your rankings on local search, Google Places and the Local Business search.  SEOTrafficLab employees consist of qualified and experienced SEO experts including local search experts who can transform the way your company performs on the Internet.
Your whole online presence will be addressed to make sure that you are top of the list and that your traffic improves, and responds to your website.  We use techniques known to work with Google, Bing, Yahoo and more and can set up the local accounts on your behalf.  Our campaigns continually see results and we have helped local businesses obtain high positions on ranking pages. 
Let us give you the lift you need to elevate your business into the position it deserves to be.  To speak to an advisor call 0800 84 999 33 or email us at sales@seotrafficlab.com.

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