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What is Google Ad Grants

Google AdWords Grants is a specific Google Pay Per Click program available only to Non-Profit Organisations. It is completely free and NPO can receive up to $10,000 (Google Grants are done in dollars) per month for PPC advertising across the Google Search Network, allowing these organisations to tap into new territories. The number one principle of Google Grants is to help organisations that are eligible and accepted onto the program to extend the reach of the campaigns and of the organisation & of course through the Google technology measure the impact that the grant has on the business.


The Benefits for you & your NPO

By creating the Google Ad Grants program Google allows you options on how you use the grants, depending on the objectives of your organisation these can be using the online advertising to reach potential donors, volunteers or consumers who are actively searching on Google. You can simply raise awareness by choosing relevant keywords to your organisation and creating unique ads to promote your work, or you can use it to track the relevant online activities to your organisation, such as newsletter sign-ups, online donations or volunteer applications, so that you can keep track of what methods are working and what can be improved upon.
The Google Ad Grants provide opportunities that have previously not been available for NPO’s who have a smaller budget, however, these grants offer unprecedented ways to not only raise awareness of your NPO but also to revolutionise your business using a paid campaign.


Google have created an application process as a way to make sure they are working with the correct NPO’s to help grow your organisations. This focuses specifically on the standard of the organisation’s website as well as their charitable status. If this is something that you think would work for your non-profit then please check that you are eligible here or contact us on and we can help check your eligibility.

Rules & Regulations

Following the application, which we can help you apply for if you don’t get accepted, which we have not had happen so far, we will not charge you for the application process. Google stipulates a couple of guidelines for managing your AdWords campaign this must be followed in order to remain eligible for the Grants funding. That includes elements such as the links from the advert to the website, how often you log in & manage the campaign and the nature of your content across the advert and your website.
Once accepted, the world is pretty much your oyster, as with the $10,000 you can create a variety of campaigns, however, the free advertising does need to be carefully managed, which we are happy to help set up and manage to get the most out of your campaign. A total daily budget is set by Google of $329 (approximately £260), which is hard to spend, a maximum CPC (Cost Per Click) is limited to $2.00 and the keyword targeted campaigns are run only on the GSN (Google Search Network).

Campaign Management

As mentioned there are many different elements of the Google Ad Grants that are stipulated by Google, these strict restrictions do reiterate the importance of a well planned and managed campaign. We are more than happy to have a free consultation with you to discover your eligibility for the grant, walk you through the application process and discuss the opportunities upon acceptance for us to manage your PPC campaign to get the most out of your Ad Grant.
This can range from researching and choosing the most suited keywords for your organisation following detailed keyword research to creating granular ad groups that each individually represent the various offerings of your NPO. Creating the best advert is not a one-step move, creating the perfectly crafted advert that not only represents your organisation but also sits within the regulations of the Grant.
You can be confident in knowing that your campaign will be managed by a Google AdWords accredited digital marketing agency with a team of fully qualified AdWords consultants working across a plethora of industries with standard AdWords campaign and successful Ad Grants Campaigns. Visit our PPC services pages for more information.

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