Google Algorithm Updates May Affect Your Domain’s Efficiency

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It looks as though Google and perhaps some other leading search engines are looking at the use of keywords in URLs. According to reports over the weekend, the SEO value of the title of your websites will be changed in upcoming alterations in the algorithms used in rankings on SERPs. Matt Cutts, Google’s main man when it comes to their engineering, has spoken publicly about the importance they have previously given to domain names and the possible changes that will be implemented in the very near future.

Google asks What Does Your URL Say About You?

In the past a well-known method of achieving a higher position in search engines is to use keywords within your domain. These are often popular words which are extremely relevant for the line of business you are in. Mr Cutts said that there have been complaints about how these domains are measured in their highly secretive algorithm. To combat the negative feedback they have been receiving, the company has been looking at ways to reduce the power of these keyword loaded names.
A recent YouTube video featuring Mr Cutts suggested that with the new changes websites with their own brand or company name will be more SEO friendly than keyword based URLs. He highlighted some of the hugely successful companies who were popular despite the lack of keywords in their website names, specifically Twitter and Google themselves.

2011 Seeing Multiple Google Algorithm Updates

Changes such as this and the recent Google Panda update highlight the importance of vigilance when it comes to SEO marketing strategies. Bing has become great competition for Google and this could be one of the reasons why the algorithms are going through multiple changes. 2011 is still young and it is suspected that there will be some more interesting alterations afoot. In an interview with Search Engine Watch Mr Cutts spoke about the need to continue to improve their current system. He said that there was plenty of room for improvement when it came to content which had very low quality and little value to the reader. He went on to stress that more work will be carried out to ensure that good quality content will be rewarded, and therefore given higher positions.
Stay on Your Toes with Long Term SEO
This is one of the reasons why you should plan a long term SEO plan which is flexible and well taken care of. Techniques which proved to be successful one work can quickly begin to fail once new methods are introduced. Although it is unclear how the changes will affect domains which are keyword based, it will clearly have an effect on the anchor text which is used when creating links back to your URL.
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