A recent Google Bug has placed added pressure on the art of SEO

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Searchers using the Google engine reported a disconcerting bug on Wednesday this week. The engine was refusing to show its users the second page of results. The additional result links at the bottom of the page were broken offering the searcher only one page of results. Google has been reported saying that the “glitch has now been fixed” and that they believe the bug to only have affected searchers in certain geographical locations. Many online marketers are not happy with Google’s reassurance and fear that the problem could make SEO even more competitive than it already is.
If we imagine an online world in which Google’s ‘first page’ bug occurs on a regular basis we would see a completely different SEO complexion. When a user searches for a term, they are more than likely going to click a first page link. However, due to Google’s obsession with older domains the links offered in the top 10 results can often not give the searcher a result they were looking for. If their query is more specific they will need to turn to page 2 of the search results. If we lived in a world in which the second page didn’t exist there would be some interesting knock on effects for SEO.
 A race for 10thThe smaller and less established companies would be inclined to battle it out for that 10th place spot – as without it, their domain would get no coverage what so ever. The SEO war would step up another gear in intensity.
 A change in SEO tacticsSmaller companies would attempt to seek help from the top 10 websites in their industry. The more established companies would be able to let out their webspace to their smaller rivals.
The demise of GoogleThe above two points make the assumption that both the consumers and companies will still respect Google’s engine. Those with a more obscure search will probably turn their attention to Bing – having recently over taken Yahoo in popularity, Microsoft’s up and coming engine has made a bigger than expected impact. This could destroy Google.
“It’s a nice theory but it’ll never happen”
You’re probably right. Google boast’s a collection of the worlds very best search engineer’s and they will be adamant to prevent further bugs of this nature from occurring. But that’s beside the point. The bug happened anyway showing us that even the worlds very best can’t always get it right.
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