Google Instant causes global concerns for internet marketers

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Marketing directors all around the world are left scratching their heads about Google’s new Instant technology.  Supposedly “innovating” the new technology may pose a threat to many internet marketers who fear that it will upset the current Ad word strategy. The search engine race is competitive enough as it is and with many companies investing a lot of money into the older system this technology may have some nasty consequences.  However, every cloud has a silver lining and on average,  surfers can expect to save 2-5 seconds per search query.
So what exactly is Google Instant?
Essentially the technology helps searchers by both suggesting and pin pointing relevant search results to the searcher. By showing and changing results as you type the technology promises to save people a significant amount of time. The technology has been inspired through Google’s research regarding a searchers average timings – the search engine giant has claimed that we typically take “300 milliseconds between keystrokes” but only “30 milliseconds (a tenth of the time!) to glance at another part of the page.” The technology allows you to scan a search page as you type until you find the result you are looking for. It all sounds fairly convenient, but it could have some significant impacts on the way companies market online.
The potential commercial impacts with Google Instant
Regional InconsistenciesThe new technology cleverly records data known as ‘impressions’ for different locations around the world. For example – if the city you live in all like to search for holidays in Australia typing in ‘A’ will cause the engine to suggest Australia to you instantly. The problem with this is that online marketers target specific key words with Google Ad’s and are relying on every region to attain the same results and suggestions when they search for a term. The new system could cause major drops in advert traffic. Ouch
Making longer search terms futileTargeting smaller key words is sure to increase the amount of traffic an advert receives but it boasts a very low conversion rate for companies. Many marketers take this into consideration and have spent their time bidding for longer search terms such as “Rome 5 star Hotels” – well now as soon as a searcher types in “Rome” they will be offered a ton of suggestions including holiday’s and hotels stopping them from needing to make a more specific search. This makes longer search terms futile and thus causes major problems for online marketers.
A reduce in Impressions – Impressions are recorded and logged whenever a searcher clicks a link or types a query. These impressions are fantastic for search results if a company’s service or product is in a popular industry lifting their search terms to the top of Google’s suggestions– however Google Instant could reduce the amount of impressions made through its quicker search process. It looks like they have clamped down on this form of ‘free advertising’.
Here at the SEOtrafficlab we have revolutionised our SEO packages to meet the demands of this new technology. Our expert team have spent years in the industry and have the skills needed to adapt any package to suit the demands of modern times. Google Instant is a powerful piece of technology that may cause concern for many SEO companies across the world – but not us. Our team have already turned many of its drawbacks into benefits as they work night and day to offer the most complete SEO plans in the business.
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