Google Set to Give Blogger a Makeover

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One of the well-known ways of improving search engine optimisation is to use blogging effectively.  This is an excellent way to build a regular following of people and attract new traffic.  Blogs allow you to portray the correct image about your company, keep customers in touch with your projects and gives you the opportunity to speak to customers on a different level.
One of the largest Blogging Platforms gets some Attention
Many bloggers will be glad to hear that 2011 has some great things in store for Google’s Blogger.  This is now the sixth largest blogging platform on the Internet, and it seems that Google would like to do more in order to reach the top five.
According to the Official Google blog their platform was used to create half a billion posts during 2010.  They also claim to have four hundred million readers who actively use the site.  That is a large amount of potential customers and it would be foolish not to take advantage of the blogging platform.   During 2010 there were many excellent updates from template designing, spam prevention and web fonts.  The stability of the site was also worked on and now it is regarded as one of the most reliable.
2011 Blogger Will Work Harder
Google gave a few sneaky peaks showing you what you can expect during 2011 through a video message.  It seems a lot of focus will be given to improving the mobile experience.  This is a sensible move by Google as Smartphone technology is widely used and the mobile Internet is definitely an area which every company should be aiming to tap into.
Along with this it will also be modernised which looks sleeker and basically a lot more up to date and contemporary.  Web technology is important for any blog which is used for business.  After the updates Blogger will incorporate Google Web Toolkit so that you will be able to organise your blog as well as optimise it for the search engine results pages.
All You Need to do is Start Writing
This is all great news for all businesses providing you make the most of the platform.  In order to run a successful blog you need it to be kept lively, fresh, and full of fresh content which is written for your site alone.   When used well you can use the blogs to create more depth for your Facebook profile and Twitter account and other social media tools. 
SEOTrafficLab offer an excellent blog management service for companies of all shapes and sizes.   Time management often becomes a huge hurdle for many businesses when it comes to running a successful blog.  By passing on the responsibility of your blog to our SEO experts you can be sure that your visitors will be greeted by content which is relevant to your readers which can be used as the perfect add on for any business.
A well-managed blog can be used to promote your items and services, to reach out to new customers and to help build a reputation of being a company which is able to communicate effectively with their target audience.  If you would like to know more about SEOTrafficLab call us free on 0800 84 999 33 to talk to one of our team.  We offer blog management and many other excellent services all designed to increase the SEO of your pages on the Internet.  Contact to request more information.

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