The highly anticipated search engine Blekko goes live

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The heads of Google felt a slight nerve last night as Rich Skrenta’s long awaited engine was officially released. The search engine promises to revolutionise the way we surf allowing users to create their own vertical search engines among an array of other features. Blekko has been named the “slash tag engine” thanks to its friendly approach towards user specific search.
The reason Blekko’s release is so exciting is its use of vertical search engines. A vertical search engine is one that only searches across a specific line of content rather than the entire horizontal web. Google News, for example, is a vertical search engine that allows users to find only news related topics on their query. Although Google may claim to offer their users a wide range of specialised search engines (Google shopping, Google maps etc), they don’t offer the same kind of freedom that Blekko do. New tags are being added daily to Blekko’s system meaning you can refine your search to a seriously specific content area. The company are welcoming people’s contributions.
To enjoy the system all the user has to do is type their query followed by a / and the content area they wish to specify in. If you wanted to find a specific political parties view on climate change you could slash into their search engine: “climate change /conservative” etc. The system is also extremely innovative. For a selection of searches the staff at Blekko have added an auto slash feature which will automatically offer you vertical results without the need to slash.
The impacts on SEO and internet marketing could be tremendous. If the engine takes off so will the level of specific searches, offering webmasters an easier way to find their consumers. It would particularly benefit the two following parts of the online world:
Local SEO  – Local Searches would become automatically slashed offering local businesses a much greater volume of traffic
Social Media – Thanks to an ease of specification in querying the social networking sites would see a rise in traffic from the slash tag system.
But all of the above is wishful thinking and day dreaming. The engine is new and has a lot of bugs that need to be ironed out before it can really grow. As with all search engines the system will mature in time but that is no guarantee that it will become a ‘surfer favourite’. Google’s results will remain far more accurate (even without slashing) than Blekko’s for an extended period time.
Here at the seotrafficlab we always keep a keen eye on industry developments and we have high hopes for Blekko. Although it may not be threatening Google’s profits any day soon, we still see the engine has a crucial development in SEO. The system promotes the use of vertical search engines and thus offers users an easier way to search. If the engine does find success our team are more than ready to refine our SEO plans to meet the needs of slash tag search.
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