What Does the Internet Say About Your Business?

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How SEO techniques improve business and how you can succeed

Delivering an excellent service to the customers who have put their trust in you is vital to building a successful career.  Even large businesses struggle to regain the trust of clients who have been left wanting due to poor service, response times or products.  Therefore it is imperative that the information found about you and your services show you in the correct light.
Your Customers Are Your Business
Reports today showed that public trust in business is very slow to fix once dissatisfaction has been registered.  Recent developments have showed that although the current trust trend was stabilised, a new form of trust has been established.  The public will make judgements on how a company communicates and performs, according to the PR firm Edelman Trust Barometer.
According to Mr Edelman a recent survey carried out by the firm showed that the public expect all companies to deliver on their expectations, not only for shareholders, but for the benefit of society.   It was found that 61% of the participants wanted to have government regulate companies to make sure that they perform responsibly.  And more interestingly that the first place where the public go to find out about a company are the search engines; this is then followed up by news websites and then other media.
Is Your Website Doing you Justice?
The fact that search engines came out top when it comes to discovering about a company shows how important it is to have an excellent website.  This needs to be kept completely up to date with the systems you have in place, services you offer and especially your contact details.  How many times have you visited a site where the links are broken?  This instantly gives the impression of an unreliable service and in most cases sees potential customers going elsewhere.
Many businesses are guilty of setting up a website, and simply leaving it and focusing on other aspects of marketing and advertising.  Think of all the customers who may have searched for you and discovered a poor performing and uninteresting site which leaves them feeling cold.  Of course they are going to go elsewhere, and as the report showed, once trust is lost it can be extremely hard to regain.
A comprehensive site audit performed by SEOTrafficLab can help highlight and resolve any issues you have with your online web pages.  Your current online marketing strategies are inspected to see how well they are performing.  Once all the site analysis has been carried out a complete personalised SEO strategy is designed to update and move your business forward with longevity in mind.
Websites can be updated and revamped even conduct a complete redesign to modernise and keep up with the latest technology which is available.  The content must be current, informative, interesting and precise.  And you must be able to follow up on the services that you offer.
By creating new forms of advertising and social marketing you can improve the way you communicate with the public.  This can reinforce the union between you and each valuable customer.
To find out more about the site audit services and how it can greatly improve your business telephone SEOTrafficLab on 0800 34 999 33 or  you are welcome to email us at sales@seotrafficlab.com.

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