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Another eventful week in #TheLab, on Tuesday half of the team went to Autumn Fair where they had a great time meeting and talking to retail businesses as well as Richard doing a successful talk on Google Shopping Ads. Other members of the team have been out of the office visiting clients and presenting audits but everyone will come back together on Friday night for our bowling night! In this week’s lab weekly we discuss the much awaited for iPhone 7, what we know about iOS 10, Google Campaign groups and more.
Emoji Request gives you the chance to vote for a new emoji! Unicode, the people behind all of our iOS emojis, are constantly looking at adding more. The website offers a mock up of just less than 150 potential emojis and allows you to vote for them, then the most voted for will be formally requested to Unicode. There is no guarantee of the most popular emoji being added to the newest version of the lineup, but how often a design is request is a highly sought after factor for the makers behind the fun faces. Just some of the emojis on the website include question marks for eyes, fingers crossed, and a fortune cookie. These descriptive short sentences are also exactly what Unicode will receive when a design is submitted; they still have full creative control over how their emoticons look so even if your favourite wins the vote and gets requested, it could turn out looking different than the mock up.
Google Releases Campaign
Last week we got the impression that Google appeared to be rolling out a new AdWords feature called Campaign Groups, and it seems we were right. On Tuesday this week Google officially announced the release of Campaign Groups. This allows advertisers to group campaigns with common targets and monitor performance against those goals. Advertisers can now set conversions target, spend target and an average CPC or CPA target. Campaign Groups is a monitoring feature with no management functionality and is accessible via the left sidebar in AdWords. 
Apple Introduces iPhone 7
Apple has introduced their new phone this week, with pre-orders being available from the 9th September and then being released internationally in the weeks following. The most notable feature of the new phone is that there is no headphone port; instead the Lightning connector will be used (the charger port). Ordinary headphones can be used with the addition of an adapter which is included in the purchase of the phone. Apple’s own AirPods are what is being introduced as the new headphones alternative, they are wireless earbuds and give you the option to use Siri. Some of the other new features of the iPhone 7 include brighter display, improved cameras although at 12 megapixels for the rear camera, which is the same as the 6s, there is improved performance in low lighting and enhanced optical zoom. There are new stereo speakers which have increased volume and following the likes of Samsung, the device is now water resistant. The phone, much like the previous versions, will be available in ordinary and Plus and the memory will be better than ever. The lowest storage that is available is 32GB, then increasing to 128GB and 256GB.
Along with the iPhone 7, during the keynote speech Apple also touched on iOS 10 which will be available on September 13th. They also discussed the new Apple Watch “Series 2”, which like the phone will also be water resistant. With the built in GPS, users will be able to workout, run, and even swim, without needing to bring their phones.
Reviews From the Web to Google Critic Reviews
Google is adding “Reviews from the web” to their critic reviews, this will allow users to see reviews from third party sites in the knowledge panel of results. When critic reviews were first implemented in August, sites such as Yelp were not included however this new feature is being put in place to ensure sites like Yelp and other similar sites will have their content included which will shows reviews by consumers. Reviews from the web will work both on mobile and desktop and will be shown in prominent placement for mobile, reviews from the web will have a higher priority when compared to critic reviews and the best-of-lists. When it is first released they will only have three review sources which will be listed in order of relevance, these review sources are,, Facebook and Trekaroo.
iOS 10 – What we Know so Far
At Apple’s keynote speech earlier on in the week when they released more details about the iPhone 7, they also revealed that iOS 10 will be available from the 13th September. The software will be available to anyone with an iPhone 5 and above, iPod touch 6th generation, iPad Airs, iPad Pro, iPad 4, and iPad mini from 2 upwards, . There are a range of new features with it being said to be the most drastic iOS update since iOS 7. Some of the new features include:

  • The lock screen to light up when you pick up the device, revealing notifications
  • The end to the ‘swipe to unlock’, users will unlock their phone straight away with touch ID or in the case of the iPhone 5, when they enter the password
  • Massive additions to iMessage. With features comparable to the likes of Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp, you will be able to send stickers, user your own handwriting which will then be animated, have full screen animations when you use phrases such as ‘Happy Birthday’. Tapback will allow you to send one of six quick responses such as a thumbs up, and you can even tap highlighted words to swap them for corresponding emojis. Along with multilingual typing and being able to change the way your message bubbles show up depending on if you are ‘shouting’ or ‘whispering’, this isn’t even all of the iMessage features.
  • Pay in your browser with Apple Pay
  • Memories in Photos will group together photos from a date or event
  • Redesigned News app

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