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It has been an exciting and busy week in #TheLab with lots of meetings and consultations at the start of the week and then last night the whole team attended the DN21 Awards. Where Richard was announced second place for the Best Business Person of the Year and Jodie also won the Social Media award for her gym, Vertical Fitness. In this week’s Lab Weekly we have lots to tell you about including, social media platforms MySpace and Tumblr being hacked, Google announcing new tools for small businesses and much more.
DuckDuckGo Adds New Features
DuckDuckGo have recently added two new features to their search engine allowing you to now be able to filter search results by date and searchers can also see sitelinks for some of the top search results. The two new features are rolling out to the DuckDuckGo search results right now but it might take some time to see them. images.duckduckgo-667x600
Google Announce New Tool For Small Businesses
Google have recently launched a new small business-friendly tool at which will show users how mobile-friendly and fast a site is. The tool is a combination of the mobile-friendly testing tool and the page speed testing tool to allow small business owners to have an understandable report that they can then forward to their website developer. The aim of this new tool is to help drive more mobile-friendly and fast websites. The tool provides you with three scores:

  1. Mobile-friendliness
  2. Mobile Speed
  3. Desktop Speed

MySpace & Tumblr
Social networks MySpace and Tumblr have been hit by a mega breach and millions of account details have been advertised for sale online. Even though the social network may seem dead, MySpace’s breach may be more dangerous as the list contains details for 360.2 million accounts, including email addresses and up to two linked passwords. This means that the people who have these could potentially have access to the user’s emails or other accounts if their passwords are the same.The tumblr hack resulted in a long list of just emails but this could lead to the email address may also be sold and used for phishing, which could put lots of people in danger of viruses and scams.  
Instagram has recently announced that they are opening up about new tools being added for businesses. One of these tools includes business specific profiles and a way for brands to use these profiles to track how many times their post appears on people’s screens. Brands will now be able to see breakdowns for the photos and videos that have received the most impressions, including the total number of impressions and engagements that an individual post has received. A contact button is also being added to the profile page which means you can call, text or email a business regarding a query or to get directions to the location.
Two years ago Facebook launched the Facebook Audience Network in hope to try and expand the reach of Facebook ads outside of the boundaries of Facebook itself. Earlier this year it was also possible for Facebook users to be targeted on third-party mobile apps and mobile websites in the network. However, the downside to this was at the time Audience Network Targeting was only limited to Facebook users. Although this was still a massive audience it wasn’t beneficial for those not on the site.
Last week Facebook announced that they have expanded the targeting available on the Audience Network to all users, whether they are on Facebook or not. All users of Audience Network sites or apps can now be reached using Customer Audiences. Reports have shown that the performance of Audience Network inventory has been very strong.
By providing higher-quality ads and better user control, Facebook are hoping to address some of the frustrations that mobile users have been expressing.

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