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This week has also seen us welcome Georgia, as a new digital marketing assistant to our team. With the whole of 2017 ahead of us, we have big plans in place for the new year. In this week’s Lab Weekly, we discuss updates to Google along with the Google App and Assistant, plus social media updates.
New Look for Google Recipes in Search Results
It has recently been noticed that Google have launched a new look and feel for recipes in search results when using a smartphone device. The new results now show a range of recipe cards with a option to “view all”. Once you have clicked on that link it will allow you to see recipes in more detail. You can also filter the recipes using the bubble filters at the top of the search results so you can see a more specific selection.
Google iOS App Updates
Google’s iOS search app allows you to search and find information out about business without leaving the app, it has since added new features providing further information for users. YouTube videos will now play in the app rather than opening the YouTube app or a browser, more information about hotels will now show including rating and booking information. Menus will also load from restaurants, you can view the entire menu straight in the app, no need for downloading, visiting their website, or viewing in a browser.
Google Assistant Coming to Android TV
Apple’s Siri has recently been integrated to work with the latest Apple television which put some pressure on other companies to keep up and ensure their tech is up to the task. Google Assistant is making its way to Android TV, in the coming months you can expect to see TVs with Google Assistant support, this will allow users to check weather conditions for the day, request content and even find the quickest route for your morning drive to work.
The following devices below will have Google Assistant support in the coming months:

  • AirTV Player
  • All Android TVs in USA running Android 6.0 or higher, including:
    • Sharp Aquos
    • Sony Bravia
    • Xiaomi Mi Box
    • and more

Google have a lot of plans for Google Assistant keeping everyone on the edge of their seats to see what comes from them next. Keep an eye on our blog for the latest updates from Google.
So towards the end of last year social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram made some huge announcements, but it didn’t stop there. Periscope also ended their year with a very interesting update, allowing certain users to be able to broadcast live 360 videos. The live videos are similar to the standard 360 integrations where users can physically rotate to see the full scope of a moment. All live 360 videos will be marked with a red “LIVE 360” badge in the bottom left of the screen. At the moment, all users can see the 360 videos but only a selected group can use the feature at the minute. However, over the next few weeks the feature will be rolling out to more users.
Vine will be officially deleted on January 17th meaning the app will no longer be accessible and the Vines on it, unless downloaded, will be lost. As Vine is owned by Twitter, Twitter will be replacing this by creating a Vine Camera. This will allow users to create 6 second videos as they did originally on Vine, this way the original idea behind Vine, being able to make short videos, will remain but the community will not. The majority of the community of users that made fame on Vine have since moved to other creative platforms such as YouTube or Instagram. The current Vine website will turn into an archive of all of the Vines which will allow you to browse the videos.

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