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Preparation for Black Friday has begun and even for Christmas, although not everyone was happy with Hayley’s musical choice of “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas”. In this week’s Lab Weekly we discuss Google releasing Google Home and a lot of updates from the world of social media.
Google Home
Google never fail to impress us! They have just released “Google Home”, a voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant. This fantastic software has a wide range of fun features. Amongst these features is a “manage tasks” category that provides you with a calendar, calculator and even a local guide that allows you to search for local places and request additional information. As well as having the essentials you need you can also have some fun with this device, by having control over speaker streaming, audio streaming and TV! With a wide variety of games to play with the Assistant, you are bound to have heaps of fun. Google home has some very popular partners too, including, Spotify, Google Play Music and YouTube Music. If this isn’t enough for you then Google are constantly updating this feature so keep an eye out!
Google Tests a “Back to Top” Button on Mobile
Google is currently testing a “back to top” button in the mobile interface, the blue button with white text will appear at the bottom of the search results as you scroll through them on your mobile device. We will update you with further information on this when we know more!
Instagram are performing a US only test for users to be able to buy products straight from an organic picture rather than just an ad. Twenty retailers are a part of this test, including Macy’s and Warby Parker and is exclusive to iOS app users. This testing feature will be an expansion on the current way users can buy products through ads. The feature will be a three click process allowing users to buy products straight from the app, much like how users can tap to see tags of who is in a photo, users will be able to see tags of the products that are included. From here, users can click on the product tag where they will be able to see the product on its on with a description and ‘shop now’ button underneath the picture. Being able to buy straight from the app, gives the credits to Instagram for the sale rather than Google which is the case when users search for an item even if they may have seen it on Instagram first. This new feature will be able to turn Instagram into a genuine selling option rather than just a way to get potential customers engaged.
Back in September Twitter added a new variety of customer services tools, as well as the direct message button being larger they also adevernote-twitter-welcome-messageded a Provides support notation so users knew when they were most likely going to respond to their customer’s messages. However, the Twitter updates didn’t stop in September, now Twitter are rolling out new features that automate your interaction with customers via Direct Message. Now, whenever someone starts a conversation with your business via direct message you can greet them with a welcome message that can be set up in your Twitter support settings page. Twitter said “Welcome messages let businesses greet people and set expectations as they enter a Direct Message conversation without requiring people to send the first message. Businesses can create multiple welcome messages and deep link directly to a specific greeting from Tweets, websites, or apps.” As well as welcome messages, Evernote lets customers select from 4 quick replies.

  1. Check the status of a ticket
  2. Submit a feature request
  3. Get help with a technical issue
  4. Something else

The launch of Snapchat analytics is being done by a startup company called Snaplytics. Which has been in beta for the past year, however, during this time a range of brands and agencies had access to it. The dashboard allows you to see open rates, views, numbers of followers, competition rate and more. The system created avoids any Snapchat APIs which has issues due to the fact that Snapchat deletes photos and videos shortly after they have been viewed or posted.

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