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This weeks research has raised some very interesting articles – not least this one by Brian Dean who has taken on the impossible and listed Google’s top 200 ranking factors! It is entitled ‘Google’s 200 Ranking Factors: The Complete List‘ which is bold given most organisations reticence to pull out any of their ranking factors with any real commitment. It makes very interesting reading and has compiled all of the nerdy speculations, Google hints, common knowledge and pretty controversial factors into one place. What SEO guru would not be drawn to a list of this nature. I had a good look through it and it does serve as a an excellent check-list to hit all of the definite, possible and just maybe ranking factors that could give your site a serious boost in combination.
So now you have your work cut out for you implementing 200 changes to your site lets look at what other news might bring you hope, happiness and occasionally misery in the world of digital marketing.

Google Logo Change

I am sure everyone has noticed the Google revamp by now. A new logo for a new era.
The New Logo:
new google logo
And the old logo (in case it has slipped your mind):
old Google logo of 2013
And the change in motion: Google old to Google new
And what do we think of this changed. Well, as always there are mixed emotions but on the whole we do not seem to like it. Why? The New Yorker said why with an abundance of elegance and actually swayed my own thoughts on what was initially a harmless change of style to reflect a modern era for the technologically sharp digital Kings. Sarah Larson explained:

“Google’s new logo, announced and unveiled this week, is the latest victim. Its old logo’s typeface—reminiscent of literature, newspapers, printing—had a reassuring hint of history, paying its respects to what it had come to improve upon and replace. The letters’ literary old serifs were subtly authoritative: the sturdy, handsome “G,” the stately, appealing little “oo,” the typewriterish, lovable “g,” the elegant “l,” the thoughtful “e.”

The new logo retains the rainbow of colors but sheds the grownup curlicues: it now evokes children’s refrigerator magnets, McDonald’s French fries, Comic Sans. Google took something we trusted and filed off its dignity.” Source: Why You Hate Google’s New Logo

Love it or hate it the new Google logo is here to stay – how long until we are used to it regardless of which camp we are in of this moment? Probably not long – it’s Google after all. How many times do we see that logo on a daily basis and move further up the path of desensitisation to its definite childlike and somewhat annoyingly simple typeface? Enough.

67% of Consumers are Influenced by Online Reviews

A new study of 1,000 consumers through Google Consumer Surveys investigated how individuals interact with Google and what there buying process was when hitting major sites. The study found some beacon like trends. One of those expected results was:

“individuals view less than 2% of searches below the top five results on the first page” Source: Moz’s Dan Hinckley article

Based on questions that were asked of those people it is clear that what they think they do in search and what they actually do in search does differ. People are far more ruthless in action than they think they are. Since Google integrated reviews into the Google+ Local initiative and displays those reviews towards the top of search they have played a bigger role in the buying process. So much so that the survey results revealed:

“online reviews impact 67.7% of respondents’ purchasing decisions. More than half of the respondents (45.7%) admitted that online reviews are fairly, very, or absolutely an important part of their decision-making process” Source: Moz’s Dan Hinckley article

So now, not only have you got 200 ranking factors to take note of we would strongly suggest that if you do not have reviews on your site you start giving them some serious thought. They send a strong signal to buyers that you believe in the quality of your product and your customer service and are willing to stake your reputation and conversion rate on that – are you?

Instagram has unleashed a game-changer

instagram has increased their following by 215% since 2012, meaning they’ve gained a whopping 15 million on top of their already impressive 13 million users! But as always, there’s always more to gain – they have finally decided to change their game, they’ve now made it possible for rectangular photos to be added instead of just square. Granted we think it looks clean and tidy with just square images but there’s more chance for a more diverse user basis or lazier advertising?
This really has the opportunity for fantastic advertising and a bigger range of photos. The people who thought the square image only layout was limiting can now broaden their horizons. Granted there was always the option of downloading photo editing applications to border the image you liked so it was square, but that was never quite the same was it? We hope you’ll enjoy the new and improved Instagram – if indeed you feel this is an improvement.
That is all the news from us this week. Just one more note to say we will be speaking at the Autumn Fair this weekend so if you are in attendance drop by and say hello! Just go to: for myself and Richard’s seminar time, content and location. Look forward to seeing you there.

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