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In this week’s Lab Weekly we have some very interesting and exciting news on the Google Mobile Update which discusses Google being able to rank your mobile site a lot better. You can read more about this update and a few top tips to consider further on in this story. As well as this exciting news from Google we also have stories on DuckDuckGO reaching over 10 billion searches and much more.

Google Have Revamps Photo Management for Google Maps Listings

It has recently been announced that Google is rolling out a new interface for businesses to manage their photos on their Google Maps listing. The new layout has replaced categories with tags and has improved the way that you post your cover photo, profile picture and the company’s logo. It seems that this is slowly rolling out for users.

DuckDuckGo reaches over 10 Billion Searches

The privacy focused search engine DuckDuckGo has surpassed 10 billion searches with a very impressive 4 billion in 2016 alone. DuckDuckGo is a search engine which allows users to search the web freely without the fear of their searches being tracked. “People are actively seeking out ways to reduce their digital footprint online,” says DuckDuckGo’s release.

Google’s Mobile Update Release!

Google have announced that they have done a mobile update called “Mobilegeddon”, which is a mobile-friendly search algorithm. But you might be wondering what this update actually involves, well, the new Google update affects pop-ups mainly, as well as mobile content visibility rankings. The new update will only affect a part of natural search performance and could ultimately lower your potential to compete effectively for online shoppers that are searching for the products you sell. According to Google, this is what constitutes an “intrusive interstitial” (Pop-up).

  • If your pop up covers your main content, it is most likely that users will navigate to another page
  • When you use a pop-up layout and design that matches your overall layout of the content page, also having your pop-up above the fold whilst the content is below the fold
  • When you show standalone pop-ups that the user then has to dismiss before they can access the page content

It is important to know that this update will not affect eCommerce sites or desktop. The update is happening in real-time so each time Google crawls your site it will re-rank it according to any new changes that you have made, however, it is important to now optimise your mobile pop-ups if you haven’t already.
On the topic of mobile search rankings, it is vital that your website is mobile responsive and that you are optimising your images and try to stick to smaller ones to ensure quicker loading.

Book Lovers Can Now Have Previews on Mobile Google Search

Quick small update from Google this week, they have released a feature for mobile users to have book previews in Google search results, many users will recognise this feature as it is a feature which has been available for desktop users for some time. This feature is only available for select regions for the time being.



YouTube have gained access to Google account data which allows for more effective ad targeting and measurement, the reason for this sudden update is due to the amount of views from mobile which has reached up to 50% of total views across the platform. Over a year ago Youtube’s ad interface was combined into Google AdWords, they want to take this a little further by allowing Youtube access to Google profile data to help target users based on their interests throughout the Google shopping process and not only when they are on Youtube. Here is an example of how this will work, an ecommerce store could show an ad about running shoes to a user who is looking to buy some on Google, the ad would show on Google and then target that user when they visit Youtube. Google are aiming to move away from cookies and have teased a potential new cloud based measurement solution.
“With this new solution, advertisers will have access to more detailed insights from their YouTube campaigns across devices, so they can better understand the impact of their campaigns on their highest-value customers. For instance, a car manufacturer could get a rich understanding of how YouTube ads across devices influenced a specific audience (like previous SUV buyers).”

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