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Our new website has been built to encapsulate all the services that we offer as well as simplifying the overcomplicated industry that is Digital Marketing. In other news Richard has been at another conference this week, getting truly stuck into learning everything there is to know about AdWords. Three members of the team have also completed and achieved further Google accreditations across the board. It was quiet at times in the office with client meetings, holidays and training but we will always make sure to share the top industry news with you, and on that note. The top stories in #LabWeekly this week are Google ditching the Knowledge Graph, new Snapchat features, and Facebook Ads. 

Google Ditches the Knowledge Graph Snippet Overlays

The knowledge Graph snippets were launched in January 2014. But this week it has been confirmed that Google has removed the Knowledge Graph snippet overlays from the search results. This was decided due to low usage and the feature just wasn’t used as much as what Google wanted it to be.

New Snapchat Features

SnapchatYou might find on Snapchat that it was quite annoying looking through so many snaps in a story and then for you to miss a particular one that you wanted to look at. Well, this has been sorted with Snapchat’s most recent update to allow you to be able to rewind through stories. Quite like Instagram, Snapchat has also added lenses that are designed to augment the reality around you and give you the ability to share snaps from people’s public stories with your friends. The new World Lenses allow you to add a snowfall effect for example to your surroundings. It is important to remember that World Lenses are only available when you use your front-facing camera. When you thought that Snapchat couldn’t get any better they are now letting snaps in other people’s stories shareable, but only as private messages to your friends.

Facebook Messenger Ads

Facebook have been testing sponsored messages since April 2016. However, now Facebook Messenger are opening up the messaging app’s inaugural ad format to all brands that use Messenger’s developer tools to manage their Messenger conversations. Facebook have said that the ads can only be shown to people who have an existing conversation with a brand. A limitation of this new feature is that sponsored messages can only contain one link and one photo. Facebook are charging advertisers for their sponsored messages anytime that the ad appears on a messenger user’s screen and brands will have to pay for the ad impression even if the receiver doesn’t click on the message. As well as having ads in Facebook messenger they are also adding a vertical version of their content carousels that businesses can use to display multiple products.

Google Adds More PLAs

Google have been testing out adding more product listing ads to their search results pages, by using sliders, Google has managed to add up to 15 ads on top of the results. Having previously shown 6 products at a time with an arrow to show more, this has now changed to just 5 products. However, the product cards are bigger and more individual, there is also a ‘More on Google’ link underneath the PLAs to allow users another way to access Google Shopping. There is not always a carousel of ads across the top when this doesn’t happen, you might just find more PLAs on the right-hand rail of the results. Now that text ads are no longer being shown on the right, products are in the same individual card design as the other new PLAs.

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