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It has been another exciting week in #TheLab this week with England making it through to the second round in the Euros, albeit a disappointing game. We look forward to seeing how they play on Monday against Iceland, fingers crossed we can support them throughout the tournament. Some of the team had a fantastic day at The Lincolnshire Show on Thursday, with a fantastic array of businesses and a great selection of food. In this week’s Lab Weekly we have a variety of updates to inform you on from Google, including releasing rich results filters for search analytics reports and mobile live streaming coming to YouTube.
Google Releases Rich Results Filters to Search Analytics Report
It has recently been announced that Google Search Console have added a feature within the Search Analytics report to filter data based on “rich results”. Rich results are what is shown when your page appears in the search results as rich cards or other forms of rich snippets. The report provides a better understanding of how many impressions and clicks you get for rich results and how the click-through rate might be different when compared to the normal search results. Below is an example of what the rich results filter looks like. google-search-analytics-rich-result-768x226
Google Have Officially Stopped Using Authorship
Google’s webmaster trends analyst, Gary Llyes has announced that Google have completely stopped using authorship markup, even for use with in-depth articles. Google previously recommended that you kept authorship on your pages but now it has 100% been advised that you don’t use it with anything.
Google Launches AdSense Labs
This week Google have launched AdSense Labs to allow publishers access to test newer features; Show fewer ads and Inline ads. The “show fewer ads” lab allows the number of ads shown to users to be lowered by at least 10 percent. Inline ads are inserted mobile website ads that are 320×100 in size. They appear as users scroll down a page and don’t require programming. AdSense publishers will access the Labs under the Optimisation tab.
Google Analytics adds hacked spam webmaster alerts
Google Analytics has recently announced that they have added hacked spam notifications to alerts, these alerts are similar to the messages you receive in Google Search Console message center, however the alerts being in Google Analytics helps inform a wider webmaster base. Google informed users that the notifications are “about sites hacked for spam in violation of our Webmaster Guidelines. … In the unlikely event of your site being compromised by a third party, the alert will flag the affected domain right within the Google Analytics UI and will point you to resources to help you resolve the issue.” One of Google’s largest issues to date is hacked spam, Google announced a “180% increase in sites getting hacked for spam compared to previous years.”
Twitter Launches Engage
Twitter have recently announced a new app, Twitter Engage which is a US-only iOS application intended to give all content creators easier ways to connect with both fans and influencer’s. Real time insights will be available for those who use the app, including, recent number of likes, retweets, mentions and impressions, which are via a dashboard. The app will also provide content review and performance activity metrics so users can see the data around each individual conversation.
Twitter & Vine Extend Video Lengths
Both Twitter and the six-second video app, Vine are both extending their maximum video lengths to 140 seconds. Both Vine and Twitter are looking for more ways to make money for themselves and the creators. One of these being Twitter having a new discovery tool that could potentially open up a revenue stream. On Vine people will still see the shorter, looping clips in their Vine feed but now users will also have the option of clicking on the video to watch the longer version. Amongst these new updates, Twitter are adding a new way for video viewers to find other videos to watch. Twitter will now display a vertical list of other videos that the user might be interested in watching below the video they are currently watching.
Live streaming is nothing new for YouTube as they have had the service available since 2011, however they haven’t had the greatest service as it required a lot of technical know-how and was not available on mobile. Live streaming will now be available within the YouTube mobile app, this was announced on Thursday during a keynote presentation at digital video event VidCon. The YouTube app will now have an extra button available when you click the record a video button there will also be an option to livestream, you’ll then be prompted to enter a video title similar to Facebook live and Periscope and then simply take a photo which will serve and the thumbnail just like in YouTube videos we all know and love.

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