Lab Weekly: Reddit Referral Spam & Social Media Updates

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Next week is the week of Christmas and are we excited?! On Wednesday we have our own Christmas jumper & secret santa, which we are slightly apprehensive about. This weeks edition of #LabWeekly includes… a range of new features added on Snapchat and Instagram and important information about Reddit Referral Spam.
Recent Lifehacker and Reddit Referral Spam
Some of you may have noticed some fake Google Analytics referral spam coming from Lifehack and a Reddit comment thread. This is fake/spam link and should be ignored and the links should NOT be clicked for any reason, this is their goal, they want you to copy and paste the link and visit their site. You unfortunately are not getting the traffic it is reporting from these links, in fact they are simply loading the Google Analytics code which Google thinks are people visiting your site. Referral spam is becoming a huge issue for Google Analytics and as far as we can tell Google isn’t doing much about it currently, when analysing traffic to your site check and double check it is not from these links, no one wants to be reporting that they are doing much better than they think as far as visits are concerned.
The only thing you can do about this spam is filter it out in your Google Analytics, follow these steps to do so;

  • Click the Admin tab in your Google Analytics account
  • Select all filters
  • Navigate to Add filter
  • In the first box enter a name for the spam such as “Fake Traffic”
  • Select Custom filter type and select “Exclude”
  • Click filter field and select page title
  • In filter pattern enter the link you wish to filter out
  • Then simply select one of the available views
  • Hit “Save” and you’re done

Snapchat have released some more fantastic features to their platform. One of them being the ability to make a group chat with up to 16 other friends on Snapchat. When your friends are present in the group chat the name will show at the bottom of the chat and then if you decide you only want to talk to one of them you can tap your name and it will take you to a chat that includes you and that person. Chats in a group are deleted after 24 hours and can be replayed once by each user.
Another great feature is two creative tools, scissors and paintbrush. You can use scissors to cut out part of your snap on the preview screen to then turn it into a sticker. The paintbrush tool can be used on snaps in memories to turn your snap into an artistic masterpiece!
Instagram has launched a new feature that allows you to save photos and videos from other users privately on your own account. The feature works like a bookmark, there is a button on the bottom right of an image, opposite to the like and share buttons, once clicked you have now saved the image. You can view your saved pictures by going onto your profile and choosing the Saved tab at the top, the user whose image or video you have saved will not be notified. This feature is similar to a board on Pinterest, where you have save images can be saved and referred to later.

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