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After a quiet start to the week, things started to liven up around the office towards the end of the week, despite everyone’s jealousy to one of our digital marketing assistants, Phoebe, jetting off to Florida. Excitement has been buzzing around Andy who has made it to the final of the Euros with France as his sweepstake team after knocking out Graham’s team of Germany. We also discussed some exciting company prospects in our team huddle on Friday, finding new ways to grow as a business and give our clients the best service. In this week’s lab weekly we discuss Snapchat’s new features, Google’s updated Google Now on Tap, Twitter’s livestreaming and more.

Snapchats new section “Memories”

Snapchat announced a new section to its extremely popular app ‘Memories’ which will save people snaps and allow you to add text, illustrations and filters and then allow you to publish them publicly or share them privately. This is not the only move they have made recently. Moments which allows access to old snaps and the ability to republish them is a big one. Users will be able to access their phone’s camera roll; this will allow them to post pre-recorded content straight to their stories.
Snapchat previously only allowed content that was recorded and edited within the app to be posted to users Stories, users will now be able to alter their images and videos in a video and photo editing software and then publish the final product to their Snapchat Stories. This allows users to take their videos from Facebook, YouTube or Twitter and trim it down to a 10 second clip and re-use it as a story. Brands, publishers and celebrities will be able to take their airbrushed pictures from Instagram and republish them on Snapchat, are they completely moving away from the “real” pictures and videos of Snapchat?

Google Now on Tap

Google recently announced three new features to the Now on Tap service, you can now translate text, discover button which will allow users the ability to learn more about what is on their current screen and users can now search by scanning barcodes or QR codes in search by image.
Now on Tap Translate
Now on Tap now allows the user to translate any text on their screen this includes in apps and on webpages, simply press and hold the home button and select “Translate this screen”. At this moment in time this works for phones which have their language set to English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian and Portuguese.
Tap your “Discover” icon and have a stream of content related to what is on your current screen.
Scan a barcode, QR code or search by landmark or image. This includes being able to find related items which you have scanned and find locations of popular landmarks.

Angie’s List Becomes Free

Angie’s list was a paid subscription website for business to see their online reviews and reputations. This has now changed and anyone can become a member for free, even though this review site had little effect on businesses due to only 1% of the US being signed up, it is thought that by making it free more people will use it and thus it will have a greater impact on businesses’ reputations. The site was sought out by businesses and is thought to be more now, because the reviews that are left are very in depth and cannot be left by anonymous users giving a more credible source of feedback. Whereas this information left on Angie’s List was not found in monitoring tools because of its payed access, it will be beneficial for you to claim your profile so that you receive notifications of recent reviews which you can also respond to reviews. With this high authority account with 20 years of experience now becoming free, there is the potential for it to become a large reviewing platform and possibly narrowing down into a more specific sector.

Twitter Live-streaming Sport Events

Despite being one of the lowest bidders, Twitter won the deal to stream NFL’s Thursday Night Football games for 10 games. Twitter’s relationship with the NFL started three years ago when it received the rights to show the NFL game highlights using the streaming feature, this was renewed last year and the deal is continuing for another two years. Now streaming the Thursday Night Football games will bring in lots of attraction from both sports fans and advertisers. While people can watch this stream for free whether they are logged in to the social media platform or not, advertisers are willing to pay some big money for this well sought after stream. It is thought that Twitter will sell a third of their ad space for each live stream of each game.
Possibly due to their big win with the streaming of NFL’s Thursday Night Football games, Twitter have been testing out their live-stream at Wimbledon. Twitter live-streamed Wimbledon, so to speak. None of the tennis matches actually appeared on the live-stream but the approximately seven-hour stream did include people talking about the matches and even some interviews with the players. The live-stream is no longer available and was not saved, the page in which it originally aired now consists of the video player and relevant tweets. This is what Twitter is thought to be able to offer the NFL – live and related tweets alongside their live-stream.

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