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As a team we are very excited to be attending the Spring Fair 2016 next week at the NEC in Birmingham, the fair has been open for over 39 years, and is the perfect event to connect exhibitors with powerful retail buyers. Did you know that last year £2.4 billion was spent as a direct result from the Spring Fair? If you are interested in what we do as a business or you would like to come and have a go on our “Test your skills” challenge, then pop along to hall 6-7 on stand 6K06 and have a chat. It isn’t too late to sign up for the fantastic event.
Anyway, back to the world of digital marketing, SEO and social. Everyday, something is changing, in this week’s lab weekly we have news on the latest WordPress version, Google Play Store rejecting an ad browser app and much more.
WordPress Releases 4.4.2 Version
Version 4.4.2 for WordPress has been released, specially designed to fix two security issues and 17 bugs. The update involves fixing things like pagination, comment-related issues and much more.
You can download the update from or run the update manually from the WordPress dashboard.
The Google Play Store has Rejected Ad Browser App
The Google Play app has recently removed the popular ad blocking app from the Samsung mobile browser. The mobile app, Adblock Fast in google Play works together with the Content Blocker Extension API that Samsung has recently introduced in its mobile browser. The API is designed to support third-party plugins that will block ads on the mobile web. Adblock Fast is created by Rockship Apps. The founder and CEO, Brian Kennish told TechCrunch that Google cited a violation of a section of the Android Developer Distribution Agreement, which says in part:
“You agree that you will not engage in any activity with the Store, including the development of distribution of products, that interferes with, disrupts, damages, or accesses in an unauthorised manner the devices, servers, networks, or other properties or services of any third party including, but not limited to, Android users, Google or any mobile network operator.”
It has been implicated that the Adblock Fast interferes with the Samsung browser. However, Kennish has said he has worked in cooperation with Samsung. He told VentureBeat:
“The only app Adblock Fast interacted with in any way was the Samsung Internet browser and only using Samsung’s API (that we helped them define). I wonder how many Google engineers would call using an API, “interfering”.”
Ad blockers such as Crystal and Adblock Plus are still working with the Samsung browser and are still available on the store. Google have provided a blanket statement:
“While we don’t comment on specific apps, we can confirm that our policies are designed to provide a great experience for users and developers.”
Twitter have announced that if you are not logged into the social platform you wiTwitter homepage 3rd Febll now still be able to see relevant stories and conversations. The new home-based timeline will be available in 23 countries. Twitter have also said that the homepage will be updated. This is to allow users to explore the topics that interest them as they happen. Tweets and accounts will be shown through a selection of both manual and algorithmic curation. Depending on the location will determine which activities are shown.

This new feature will definitely benefit Twitter as before the page would try and encourage people to sign up for Twitter, however now the new layout will show potential users that Twitter is worth exploring.
The social media platform, Instagram has recently announced that it is possible to beinstagram update 5th feb logged onto multiple accounts, however this feature is only available for some users on both iOS and Android devices. If you are an Android user you must join the Instagram beta community to access the feature. iOS users are receiving the feature slowly.

Before this feature was released, you could only be logged into one account, so if you wanted to post on multiple accounts you would have to logout and log into the one you want. For marketers who use the platform regularly this wasn’t ideal, but the new feature should be a positive impact on the platform.

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