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First of all Happy New Year!
We had a much deserved break and came back into the office revved up for what looks like a crazy 2016. Hopefully you are also ready for a competitive and productive new year with tweaked marketing strategies and optimised websites! We are hitting the ground running with a couple of shows early on, beginning with the Lincolnshire Business Expo, which we are excited to be sponsoring and speaking at on the 21st January.
Jodie will be presenting a seminar on ‘Content Marketing Trends for 2016’ so if you feel your content is a little lost in the ocean of copy that not floods Google this is the seminar for you. Learn how to make your content stand out and build the back-link profile of your website as well as brand awareness.
Do book a place for 60 minutes of value on how to transform your content marketing strategy to start 2016 with a bang!  All details on the event can be found here:
Lincolnshire Business expo
We will also be attending the Spring Fair in Brimingham NEC again this year that runs from the 7th February through to the 11th – more on that in the coming weeks.
So without further ado here is the rundown of what is interesting and important in the world of digital marketing in the first week of 2016.

Web Development

WordPress Releases 4.4.1 Version
If you are a user of WordPress then it has been strongly encouraged to update the software after WordPress upgraded it recently to version 4.4.1. The announcement said:
“This is a security release for all previous versions and we strongly encourage you to update your sites immediately. WordPress versions 4.4 and earlier are affected by a cross-site scripting vulnerability that could allow a site to be compromised.”
The new update includes 52 bug fixes, and offers an update that includes the latest diverse emoji, said WordPress.
Version 4.4.1 is available on the WordPress dashboard, however web hosting companies may offer automatic updates.


Bing Results and Ads are Now Live on AOL Search
Last year in April Bing crossed the 20% market share threshold on the PC, however recently it has been announced that this now stands at justBing Lab weekly 2016 under 21%. With Yahoo organic and AOL results being added, Bing is now responsible for around 34% of organic search results, versus Google’s nearly two-thirds. Bing and Yahoo agreed last year that 51% of Yahoo algorithmic results must carry Bing Ads. Google is more dominant in mobile search, according to StatCounter there is more than 90% market share compared to on a PC.

Google Updates the Android App-Indexing Crawl Errors Report 
It has been announced that Google have finally updated the App Indexing Crawl Errors report in the Google Search Console. Google have said they are “updating and simplifying the app crawl error types we show in Search Console.” The report has shown 3 error types in the App Crawl Status report:

  1. Package not found (Unchanged)
  2. URL unsupported (Unchanged)
  3. Removed from index (New)

Google have reset the data in the report meaning the data now tracks back to December 11th 2015. Below is a quote about the new report:
“These are app pages that don’t meet our technical guidelines – for example, users get redirected to the home page or the app crashes when the user attempts to open the deep link. To fix this, check the example URLs both in Fetch as Google and on an actual device, and make sure your app doesn’t  crash on opening, the deep pages don’t redirect to the homepage, and the content is equivalent. Once you fix the issues and we re-crawl your app pages, these deep links from Google search to your app will be re-examined.”

Social Media

Twitter has recently announced a new updated version of its desktop client for Mac users. Twitter have promised that version 4 looks and feels more like the Twitter you carry with you everyday. Below is a list of the new features, many of these have already been available on mobile and other Twitter clients:

  • Inline video playback so you can see videos play directly in your feed
  • GIFs support so you can see animations without leaving your timeline
  • Group direct messages, so you can create and receive private notes with up to 50 people
  • You can silence specific accounts so you no longer see them in your feed
  • Today Center Widget – Get your Twitter Highlights right on your desktop
  • Dark Theme – You can now see the world in black or white
  • An updated design so you can get the latest improvements to icons, buttons and interactions
  • Quote Tweet – Add your two cents to any Retweet

You can now access Twitter 4 in the Mac App Store.

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