Last week saw SEO Traffic Lab host a very successful ecommerce event at our Lincolnshire Head Office. The first ever LabLive event was a sell-out event bringing together ecommerce business owners and managers together to learn and share the latest cutting edge digital marketing practices.

The Bad news is that if you work in a ecommerce capacity, you missed out. The good news is we are doing it all again ! 🙂 – LabLive – 16th January 2014

Take a look at our little video below.. we had a great day !

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Based on some great feedback from the attendee’s we are extending the time of the event from 10am until 2pm to 10am until 4pm.

Were still not sure if this will be enough time for our attendees to take in all of the strategies, tools and tips we plan to introduce during LabLive, but based on feedback it’s now nearly a full day!

The date for the next LabLive is 16th Jan. Book in as soon as possible as there are already several ecommerce business booked in and ready to learn and share.

As per our first LabLive event there will be only 10 places which allows the team to really focus on the companies that commit to the day.