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Hi everyone and welcome to the first ever LabWeekly roundup of what’s new in the world of digital marketing, here we plan to take a look at what has been happening in our industry over the past week whether it be inbound marketing, social media, industry infographics, news and insights.
SEO on the Go is this the year of Mobile
Mobile DevicesFirst up this week was an interesting article from Marketing Land by Bryson Meunier (@brysonmeunier) looking at the importance of ‘Mobile SEO’ in a post entitled ‘There’s No SEO Without Mobile SEO’. The article takes a look at the definite trend that is seeing more and more internet users accessing the web via mobile. He mentions the fact that we are just one year away from the Kelsey Group prediction that mobile search will eclipse desktop search by 2015.  It is now more important than ever that your digital marketing strategy incorporates mobile optimisation of your websites such as responsive design.
If you are working in inbound marketing and haven’t yet grasped that this is a trend that is only going to continue growing now is the time to reconsider and start taking action.
Is Disavow really doing what it says on the tin?
There is always a lot of focus in the industry around the Google Disavow Tool and its impact on recovery, you are always seeing articles about how to do this but is it really having any benefits. Barry Schwartz (@rustybrick) discussed just this once again in his ever popular site Search Engine Roundtable and found that in a poll they ran last year discovered that only 15% of those that had used the Disavow Tool found that it had some positive influence on their ranking recovery while 50% said it had no benefit at all. From our own experience we have worked with clients to assist them in recovering from algorithm penalties via the Disavow Tool and although the results are by no means instant we have witnessed recovery over time. Though this is an important aspect of any penalty recovery, it is just as, if not more important to continue developing a thorough content marketing strategy whilst building authority and influence.
New Year, New Look for Twitter
This week Twitter has rolled out a new look interface, which in true Twitter style it announced by a tweet, obviously! They highlighted the fact that their aim is to make desktop versions reflect the New Look Twitter Tweetlook and feel of their iOS and Android Apps.
We thought this one was actually quite funny as companies generally work the opposite way round as they generally start with a desktop based website that they aim to align with mobile versions. We have started to see this roll out in our local region and expect this to be complete very quickly everywhere.
Another announcement this week from Twitter was the introduction of SecureConnect, which should provide marketers and businesses with the ability to provide more laser targeted Twitter advertising campaigns with narrower segmentation.
Give Your PPC Account a New Year Spruce Up
Our favourite resource for this week came in the form an Infographic from Rebekah Diedo (follow her on Google+) which discusses structure settings, settings, conversion tracking and budgets giving you step by step instructions on auditing each section and giving your PPC account a New Year spruce up.
You can see the full infographic here
Is Guest Posting a Slippery Slope to Black Hat
Our final roundup post was with Rand Fishkin (@randfish) from Moz in his ever popular White Board Friday in which he discusses the dangers of Guest Blogging and Guest Posting when done incorrectly.
This discussion looked at the way in which Google and the webspam team under Matt Cutts are already hinting that the next spam algorithm action will look at guest blogging when it is done at scale purely for the purpose of link building.
Rand discussed the slippery slope and how many marketers start off with very good intentions posting to authority sites and how this can easily degenerate into posting anything anywhere that accepts content no matter how badly written purely for the purpose of gaining a link.
The discussion emphasised that all links are not created equal and that guest posting when done correctly should be about Quality and Not Quantity, boosting your influence and authority. He goes on to say your ultimate goal should be to build your influence elsewhere and then bring your quality content and exposure to your own content hub. One of the great takeaways from this Whiteboard Friday is that he would still guest post to a blog that offered ‘no link’ or ‘no link benefit’ but would gain exposure by being read by thousands and shared socially by many.

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